MTV show "busted"

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  2. Sad to see how they were going to ruin that guys life for a plant.
  3. I watched it for like 2 hours...
    most of it is kids gettin busted for weed.

    It kinda pisses me off...
  4. Yea dude, I allways wondered if there charges got either dropped or if they were leinient on them for participating case some of that shit they just got a slap on the wrist for where i woulda been thrown n jail for awhile... see the one where the cop punched the kid n the face off camera??? THAT WAS SOME BULLSHIT!!!
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    yeah. it's fucking cops for mtv man. just aimed at a diff audience(young teens) so its gay as fuck. every now and then theres something interesting happening though and they openly talk about drugs and shit on there so thas coo

    ***and I also think it might be on mtv to scare kids...could of been a very good arguement to aire the show.
  6. Terrible show.

    It's about 25 and unders getting busted. The majority of it being victimless alcohol and marijuana related arrests during routine stops.

    This is supposed to make me feel safe?

    Where's the meth-lab busts? Where's the domestic violence footage? Where's the video of a dispatch to shots fired in a neighborhood?
  7. Those kids are actors lol.
  8. Word vc77... Word...

  9. Wouldn't surprise me. This show could very well be an elaborate attempt at propaganda. I wonder if the DEA has made any contributions to MTV lately?
  10. most likely.
  11. show is complete garbage. straight garbage. nothing else to say.

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