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  1. they got hot rod hosting so i know they'll have some funny skits
  2. should be decent i guess.

    usually the comedy at the mtv movie awards is lame as that opening segment. :smoking:

  3. ehh that shit with the indian dude about beating spoc in ping pong was funny to me
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    haha yeah. thats the only part i actually laughed at.

    i also hate the movie awards because HORRIBLE movies always win like that high school musical shit and twilight or whatever the fuck..
  5. Hahaha oh shit Eminem is fucking pissed!

  6. LOL!! god that was great...thought he was going to stab that idiot.
  7. yea thats true but fuck it i still enjoy the skits and hot rod is the shit

    damn them harry potter kids are getting old, they gotta be alteast 20 or close to it
  8. what happened? i was swiitching back and forth so i guess i missed that

  9. haha...this guy with an angel costume was flying above the crowd with basically his ass hanging out, they dropped him right on top of eminem and the dudes ass was seriously 6 inches from eminems face haha.

    eminem was like "are you fucking serious, get this motherfucker off me"..or something along those lines, he got up and walked out after the black dudes next to him threw the guy off him.
  10. LOL jizz in my pants slow song hahaha
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  12. whats with these twilight pussys winning everything? Are these like fan based voting? cus it's flawed to hell.
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    Dude it's for Sasha Baron Cohen's(Ali G, BORAT) new film, this is exactly the type of crap he always pulls.

    Em's (probably) a fan and they (probably) planned it, I'm assuming that's the only reason Em's bodyguards didn't knock Sasha the fuck out.

    LOL at the end with that song playing and Zac Efron confused as hell like "WTF".
  14. that wasnt even em's body guard that was bizzare and kon artist from d12.

    i think its real. em was pissed

  15. My bad, I knew after I typed it it was probably some dudes from D12.

    Connivin Kon, artis with a bomb Strapped to my stomach screaming "Let's get it on"!\

    Devil's Night = The Tits

    Promotional or not it was pretty wack.

  16. jesus thankyou...that shit was so annoying. no adults vote for this stupid show so all the horrible movies that kids like win the awards...high school musical, hannah montana or whatever, twilight....fucking really?
  17. The MMA's was alrighttt .
    some funny parts for sure i thought. i actually "laughed out loud" a feww times hahah .
    the eminem gettin t-bagged part. im still thinking wether it was staged or not.

    But i agreee with how its annoying with "twilight" and shit winning ALL the time. Everytime they were naming moviess that were nominated and they said "Twilight!!" or "Hannah montana!" right then and there you basically no who wins .
    *sigh* oh welll.
    Everything revolvs around Disney and Lame movies now a days.
  18. tht EM thing was hilarious i though it wasnt staged the whole time but when the body gaurds kept on pushing ""Bruno"" then i thought hey this could be a stunt and also when he was falling down when i watched it again the camera man looked at EM and em was staring right at him the whole time and didnt even move so tht basically make me think tht it was staged but staged or not still funny
  19. I thought it was pretty funny, but twilight pretty much ruined it. Dark knight should have gotten best movie, but what do you expect from MTV and all thier 15 year old girl voters...
  20. I liked the Forest Whitaker Dick in a Box opera, the Em thing and the Samberg version of Twilight. The rest was pretty boring and the award winners were BS as always. Jason Segel's penis and the Pineapple stoner fight were both robbed.

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