Msnl is like jimmy johns. Freaky fast delivery.

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  1. What's up peeps so I figured I'd take the time to let you know about my experience with msnl. So I've just recently gotten the itch to grow my own herbal. After countless hours of research I figured out how I wanted to grow but I did not know how I was going to get my genetics. So the research continued I read about many banks being legit, so with a plethora of people supporting a bunch of places I was hesitant to buy any online. Being that I had never done this before ofcourse all the usual worries started running through my head. Will I get ripped off? Will be what they say they are? And ofcourse the neewbies thought will D.E.A. come busting down my door because I bought 10 seeds?!?!? Well after talking with a few cool ass growers around here I decided on MSNL. Now I have just received my seeds today, everything accounted for (including the freebies :dance2:)and labeled. Now I can't speak to the quality yet as I've just got them, but I felt the customer service and shipping warranted a shout out. It took 6 days from order placed to receiving the goods. Now I've bought things from other countries before and they always sit in customs for what seems like forever. This was not the case with MSNL. It came very discreetly in a plain yellow envelope. I won't mention the method of stealth, but thumbs up. No green tape, no note from customs, and best of all no D.E.A. agents lol. Made me feel comfortable just figured I'd let y'all know. I'll update once grown. But so far they've got repeat business from me.
  2. Agree X100! My 1st order to the West Coast USA came in 10days. The 2nd order 2 wks ago arrived in a record 5 days! Also the beans they sent me have all germinated so far! One fell over and died, but Nature is Nature! :)
    I got GDP Fems on special (BOGOF) and Got Nitro lemon Haze on special too.
    I wish they would stop sending the Blankety Blank stealth and change it up from time to time..Customs is NOT dumb..
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