MSNL Girl Scout Cookies grow; 300 watt COB grow

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  1. This will be my first full grow with the COB setup after using the vipar spectra 300 watt led's.
    -2 Girl Scout cookies seeds from MSNL
    -Apollo 36x20x62" grow tent
    -2 gallon fabric pots
    -300 watt 3 3500k cob setup from Timber Grow Lights.

    Seeds were started on paper towels until the cracked then placed in small pots and FFOF soil to grow.
    The one in the black pot looks to be lagging behind.

    I am still debating whether to give coco and perlite a try this time around or stick with kind super soil. I'll also be trying some plant training this time so I may just stick with the super soil.
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  2. I'll definitely follow as I'm planning a cob grow soon hopefully and have no idea what to expect. If you're messing around with training it's probably a good idea to stick with something you know works
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  3. FFOF is a hot soil

    use lots ..25% perlite to the FFOF

    avoid coco and vermiculite.. is crap

    looks good so far

    good luck
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  4. Thanks for the tips. I am gonna split the two plants up. One will be with my normal FFOF/Kind mixture and the other will be the Coco grow with minimal training.

    Unfortunately it looks like the seed that has been struggling isn't going to make it. I started up another seed , but will be a week behind :( This will be the second GSC seed to fail.

  5. Are your seeds auto seeds? If not youd have better success rates planting seeds in smaller containers then transferring them up once they're established

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  6. These are non-auto; feminized. I'll put the new seed into a seed starter once it cracks and into the cloning chamber.
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  7. Subbed up!! Am looking forward to seeing what those timber cobs can do. And maybe if when they eventually come back into stock I'll be able to afford one lol.

    Also why are you doing 1 soil and 1 coco? Surely gonna be twice as much work :/

    Good luck
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  8. Hi wEEdhEAD1,

    Thanks for your post - wanted to mention that our lights are in stock - if you have any questions, or need assistance, always feel free to let me know.

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  9. Ha everyone's on GC :D :gc_rocks:

    Don't wanna hijack this thread. I'll message you.
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  10. Mainly just to compare since lots has changed. The kind soil grows have been very reliable, but have never gotten sense buds. The grows have been very easy also; pretty much only requiring ph'd water and calmag.

    The new seed has cracked and it has been placed in the starter.

    The struggling one seems to be trying hard, but isn't strong enough.
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  11. Some quick pics. Looks like everything is going well. Second seed is still trying. I'm thinking if it survives maybe I can use it to make some seeds?
    IMG_2043.JPG IMG_2044.JPG IMG_2045.JPG
  12. Day 8 Kind soil
    Day 3 Coco
    Transferred both plants into their 2 Gallon fabric pots. The Kind soil grow received the older plant and the Coco grow got the younger.

    Coco grow was planted into Mother Earths Coco+Perlite 70/30 mix.
    Nutrients: Heavy 16 Prime, Veg A/B, Bud A/B.
    Coco on the left, Kind on the right.
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  13. Day 11 Kind Soil
    Day 6 Coco

    The plant in the Kind soil looks to be growing a node every 1-2 days now with the 4th showing up. Will be topping the plant soon. Watered this morning (pH'd water).


    Coco Plant looks to be in good health and increasing in size.


    Mini plant is slowly increasing in size. Gave some nutrients. Not sure if I should pot this plant.
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  14. Day 14 Kind soil
    Day 9 Coco

    Kind soil grow now has 6 nodes. Plant height is 5.5" This plant will be topped soon.

    Coco grow now has 2 nodes.
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  15. How close are you lights? Look like your edges are curling. Also the mini one looks light it has slight nute burn.
    The big one looks beautiful btw..
  16. Good eye! Distance is currently at 12" backed it off to 15" and will continue to monitor.

    The mini one pretty much has only gotten tap ph'd water, but there could be some residual nutrients in the bucket. It's definitely growing, but very small and the coco grow has now out grown it. I am not sure if I should continue growing it with the limited space. My original thought was to pollinate it with colloidal silver and make some seeds, but I'm thinking maybe the seeds will turn out the same.

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  17. Day 15 Kind Soil

    Plant has been topped to 3rd node. Leaves still look to be curling so I raised the lighting an inch.
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  18. Yeah I'd say maybe more than that. What's your recommended hight.
    For my hps when I started to get slight signs I moved it back to like 25/30 inches.

  19. Day 20 Kind soil
    Day 15 Coco

    Kind soil grow looks to be improving. Lights were backed to 18 inches and power down to 245 watts which seems to be showing improvement. There looks to be slight discoloration on the leaves

    Coco grow is starting to pick up in size. The leaves on the coco grow look to be much bigger than the day 14 Kind soil grow. Currently Has 5 nodes

    Decided to transfer the mini plant and see how it does. This plant has 5 nodes as well
  20. Day 24 Kind soil
    Day 19 Coco

    Plants look to be doing well. The Kind soil grow is a lot more sensitive to light than the coco. The leaves of the Kind soil are much darker green than the coco grow. And I noticed the coco grow has huge fan leaves compared to the Kind soil. The stem thickness of the coco grow seems to be as thick or slightly thicker than the Kind grow.

    Kind soil grow as of this morning. After second topping
    Kind soil grow prior to second topping. Sunday (2 days ago)
    Coco grow this morning
    Coco grow before being topped Sunday (2 days ago)

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