MSNBC Hosts: Rep. Joe Wilson A White Southern Racist

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  1. From last night. David Shuester claiming Joe Wilson is a racist because "hes white and from the south".

    [ame=]YouTube - MSNBC Hosts: Rep. Joe Wilson A White Southern Racist[/ame]

    Again, isn't it pretty bigoted to make judgments like this based on skin color and where they live? Isn't that racist in itself?

    Ooooohhh! Watch out for those scary white people! They're com'in to get ya!

    Is anyone getting as tired of this race demonizing as I am?
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    Two wrongs make a right, right?

    They were demonized so now it's their turn to demonize those that demonized them...or at least that is what the media would like us to think. And it does a damn good job of creating and perpetuating these sentiments amongst the minority classes. Intended self fulfilling prophecy.

    The truth of the matter is, the media demonizes us all, in one way or another, and so do our governing bodies. The US population is the demon, and the government is here to save us from ourselves. :rolleyes:

    Edit: I personally think shit like this is deliberately planned to occur specifically so they can spin it this way. What better way to paint the anti-Obama crowd as white, southern bigots than 'proving' it through our own exalted politicians. Same with shows like Glen Becks. Sure, he may make some decent points sometimes, but you can't deny that he does so looking and sounding like an idiot, and does no justice to true conservatism. Someone with the real power in this country is writing his script, and in the end of the day its intended to demonize Republicans, and they even went as far as to throw Libertarians into the mix.
  3. Hey, here's John McCain's advisor, describing the party of Lincoln this morning!

    Absence of leadership in the party, means it will become the party of the freaks.

    I could not have described them better myself.

    Yell, and stamp your feet over that self description, and make it all go away...Ron Paul.

    Nah, he's too busy getting more donations to not run for President, from the freak support network.:D

    Dronetek is freak support for "right-wing nutballs".

    Or is that an unfair analysis? If you think so, complain to the man who made it, not me.

    He's a cretin, too.
  4. Where were these characterizations of the anti-Bush protesters? It seemed to work pretty good for them. McCain just doing what he does best and is trying to be Mr.moderate. Its pretty sad that hes sunk to the level of MSNBC though.

    Not at all surprised by your little insulted at the end either. It seems to be the pinnacle of your debate skills.

    Now I'll sit back and watch the negative reps roll in!
  5. Yeah man, right on. Down with the freaks. Same thing with those pesky black people. They are clearly 'freaks' and the Republican party was wrong for supporting their freedom from slavery and civil rights, cuz, didn't you know, freaks are lower than human. They're like 3/4ths or something. Or maybe less.

    But wait, aren't Democrats the one's who support gay rights, and pro-choice? Didn't they get the memo? Gays and women are freaks too. And how about those immigrants, especially those illegal ones, they're clearly 'freaks' that deserve no representation.

    In conclusion, our 2 party system = fail
  6. Yes, the more the republican party sinks into its own doodoo, the stinkier the whole system gets.

    You do know that women are the majority, don't you? That's Earthwide!

    Keep the cards and letters coming, kids....
    I'd correct the horrible 6th grade level of grammatical skill in that statement, but that would make me one of those 'Elitists' the Bush people warned us about, wouldn't it?

    Once again, I didn't write the above critique, and neither did John McCain. It was Mark McKinnon, republican whore to the stars who said that, and he was describing his new found friends.

    With repubs for friends, who needs enemies?

    No one has to insult people who spend so much time rolling in feces. The nose knows who they are.
  7. Am I to take it that by making the whole system stinkier, you're also implying that the problems with the Democratic party are the Republican's fault too? Or is considering anything remotely negative about the Dems blasphemous to you? Both they shit stink homie. Stop buying into the 2 party crap.

    And as I mentioned before, the critique you posted, as well as most other shit any politician does or says is deliberately intended to achieve a goal, and that goal is to maintain segregation via political affiliations in order to validate the 2 party system. They want to create dissent amongst the US population so that we polarize each other into distinct groups and then they pretend to represent the groups which in turn gives the appearance of value to the political system.

    Its really all a big joke on the US public, because the only way they can maintain a society where only 2 political ideologies dominate is by indoctrinating generation after generation through the media and by creating ridiculous administrative and bureaucratic 'regulatory' hurdles that stifles the competition of any other viable political parties. And if that fails, then limit the number of people that can vote, play around with district lines, commit some voter fraud here and there, and blatantly lie to the public about who actually wins and loses elections.

    And wow, grammar, really? I can't stand both, people who ignore the message and content of something because of trivial things like grammar and spelling as well as those that ignore the substance because they put more value on decorum than honesty, facts, and rational reasoning.
  8. You claim to know my politics from what someone else said and I merely quoted.

    That is the antithesis of rational.

    It sounds to me like you have problems with America's system in general, you must be a third party supporter.

    (Don't Say Ron Paul).

    As for anyone's grammar, it is merely a courtesy to the readers to make things as readable as possible, so if you care enough to post, please care enough to proof read your posts, and attempt to present comprehensible statements.

    I don't ignore anyone's message. What message was Dronetek giving that I ignored?

    Oh, I remember, that Rep. Addison Graves Wilson, AKA "Joe" (not the plumber, though), was referred to as a white southern racist.

    As if his love for Strom Thurmond wasn't reason enough to say it!:D
  9. Perfect. :D +rep
  10. Yes I am...I'm 50, I lived through the 60s. I'm so tired of this perpetual blaming of black peoples problems on white people. Black peoples problems are caused by black people. Accept it and let's move on...problem is, they can't.

    And the real travesty...we're not allowed to talk about it...
  11. Now gee, where would anyone get the idea Addison is a racist?

    Our Campaigns - Candidate - Addison Graves "Joe" Wilson

    "Joe also has been a member of the Columbia World Affairs Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Sinclair Lodge 154, Jamil Temple, Woodmen of the World, Sons of Confederate Veterans,"

    The Sons of Confederate Veterans is an organization that has been taken over in the past decade by radical neo-Confederates who want secession and defend slavery.

    The SPLC has detailed this group quite a bit. Into The Wild

    Also, remember that Wilson was one of only seven Republicans to go against their own party and vote to keep the Dixie Rebel flag flying over the SC state capitol.

  12. That is all well and good but the thing is that Obama IS a liar. He was lying. It was a complete double lie, a lie times two. Illegals can get free health care now and in the future as well. That is the intent; ti's 'Universal' health care. :rolleyes:

    [ame=]YouTube - Tea Partyers Drown Out CNN Reporter During Live Report[/ame]
  13. Obama went to a racist church for 20 years, has said various racist tings in his books and in public (my white grandmother is a typical white racist) and is surrounded by people who demonize whites for a living!
  14. Basically by your logic, not mine, if Obama is a racist than its ok for Wilson to also be one as well.
  15. Except the fact Wilson didn't go to a racist church, have a racist mentor for 20 years, or do anything remotely racist.
  16. Anyone notice that in the news report that the OP posted, they are talking about racism and there is a white guy and a black lady reporting and they arent in the same room but spilt half and half on the screen?

    interesting..... :rolleyes:

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