MSNBC/CBS/ABC/CNN/NBC step up attacks on Obama's critics

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  1. Ever since Van Jones resigned, the media has been in full Obama defense mode. On ABC they are spinning their own ignorance of the story by claiming "most Americans never heard of Van Jones", (since they didn't report on it). They then go on to attack Republicans as some how to blame for this.

    Nets Catch Up with Van Jones, Sure 'Sour Note' in 'Summer Squall' Won't 'Damage' Obama |
    NBC also followed this narrative. Its not Van Jones problem for being a self described extremeist. Its those damn Republicans fault!

    CBS and the others also towed the line.

    'Republican Right's First Scalp,' Nets Portray Van Jones as Victim of Conservatives |
    This isn't accurate either. He made some of these comments AFTER he was appointed, or just before. They claim Jones made the comments about being a communist "as a youth", but he made them as early as this past April. Which is funny, because Beck predicted the MSM would make that claim. Then they again follow along with democrats victimization. When its the MSM that should be "targeting" the czars!

    On MSNBC, Keith Olbermann put out a call for "any dirt you can find on Beck". It appears being critical of the president and the people he appoints has become a bad thing, punishable by full frontal attack by Obama's propaganda MSM.

    Daily Kos: Send Me Everything You Can Find About Glenn Beck
    Notice how gleeful the comments are. Proving once again that the self appointed champions of truth and freedom of speech, are only interested in upholding those principles when its a means to their ends. Otherwise, its just another thing to shut up. They apparently love racist and enemies of liberty, as long as they're not white and Republican.
  2. [ame=""]YouTube - David Sirota: Van Jones Was Targeted Because He Is Black[/ame]

    This guy is a nut job. Not only is Van Jones a "national hero", but anyone who disagrees with his communist and truter beliefs, is a racist or politcal terrorist.

    This left wing hyperbole and demonetization of Americans is getting old quickly.
  3. i fucking despise the news
  4. news sucks. they all talk about the same damn thing. And its all bull. well some of it

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