Msnbc’S Martin Bashir: ‘Irs’ Is The New ‘N****r’

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  2. IRS please.....
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    Well, personally I feel the IRS and Obama administration are just as wrong as all the organizations like the tea party that aren't in it for social welfare but politics. More so, I think Obama and the IRS are just as wrong as all the politcal organizations that apply for 501 C4 status that haven't been probed.
    I don't think these groups should classify as C4s and not pay taxes, from what I know of the situation and legislation. Especially the tea party.
    I just realized my point/opinion doesn't relate to what James posted the thread about, sorry!
  4. Typical liberal, msnbc garbage. Calling people racist who disagree with them.
  5. o_O

    You posted something that makes sense.


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  6. Do you suffer from "trolliosis?"
    In all seriousness, why is this "Tea Party IRS Scandal" even a scandal? Cuz our media is corrupt and people are apathetic/lethargic. It should have been a scandal years ago by condemning all these groups doing what the tea party does at once.
  7. If he means the majority of Americans hate the IRS the same way the majority of Americans hated ni**ers in the 1800's, he may have a point. Somehow I don't think that's what he meant.
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    Oh yeah this broadcast was pure garbage that doesn't make sense. Back in the day, the quote by that republican guy said that they would cut funding to certain programs or groups, in order to not support the black agenda.
    Now MSN flipped that around, because this time it is the white(not totally but ok)/republican/tea party that wants funds for its agenda (501 C4 tax exemption) and the government (which is black, minority related liberal, i.e. Obama and his administration) is not trying to give them that.
    MSN made it seem like people are hating on the IRS today the same way they hated on blacks and their agenda years ago, which is not the case. It is not the same kind of hate. People are hating on the IRS now because people feel that they are doing what racist white groups have done to blacks in the past, prosecute/hassle people due to prejudice or difference of agenda.
    Most importantly, people hate the IRS now for similar reasons that blacks would hate southern democrats in 18 and early 1900s (oppression, lack of civility).. NOT for the reasons that racists hated blacks haha (racism).
    I think that what the newscaster was trying to get across is that people hate the Obama administration and of course the IRS as much as racists hated blacks more than 100 years ago, and that since Obama and his administration could be considered black / minority driven that all hating on the IRS must be hating on Obama and blacks!
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    Ehhh. I doubt the average Joe feels sorry for the IRS. The IRS is a bully, not the one being bullied. 
    You are correct about that. Regardless of political view I think all Americans dislike the IRS. Its one thing we all can agree upon. 
  11. Well then hopefully we can abolish it. 
    Naw dude. How would the government ever pay for things? Our society needs the government to build things and keep me safe, duh.  :poke:

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