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Discussion in 'General' started by xxjon, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I dont have a cam, but i want a program that will capture whats on my screen and use it as a msn cam like i can go on cam for somone but they see whats on my screen, like what the program is recording? any ideas?
  2. No idea.... I'm not even sure that is possible.
  3. maybe you can use the remote assistance function? but that might just give your friend control of your computer, not sure really
  4. i had a program called Snagit idk if it could do it or not, id probally need to trick my msn into thinking i got a cam, and have the output from a program with a screen recorder going to my msn.. im not sure
  5. The question is, WHY>?
  6. for my family insted of sending them all the pics and videos i took on my trip i figure that would be easier, and theres somthing else that id rather not say. but you know any?
  7. You could use the file share feature on msn?
  8. nah i need it to look like its the cam taking the video but its accualy a video i got playin on my computer
  9. why be so tricky though, if you have the video file, send it to them!
  10. Your trying to trick someone. Hmmmmmmmm.

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