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msged for a hook up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by seanyblaze919, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Some dude who has only post, messaged me today asking for a hook up and gave me his name and #. Not sure if i should trust this dude. What are yalls thoughts? He also asked for a hook up in a NC pick up thread.
  2. Don't do it report it or ignore it
  3. give him a call but dont show up...
  4. against forum rules for one. for another, meeting someone in real life who you have only talked to on the internet is always an unwise decision. you never know who you can end up id say dont.

  5. ya maybe iif your a little kid, if you are an adult you should have no problem meeting someone from the big scary intardwebs. just be smart, dont follow him down to his basement.
  6. hahaha im 19 and hell nah. im just gonna report him. shitmight as well put his number on here
  7. post his number so we can all give him a call :)
  8. Don't do that cause then you'll be braking the rules too. Just report it and leave it at that
  9. Make email with fake name. Send him a txt saying you got some kill. Then set up a meet up location in one hour and never show up.
  10. Report and ignore! Report and ignore!
  11. It's just a narc wannabe cop. Just report him and delete the message.
  12. Call the cops on him. Then the cops will arrest the cops who'll have them arrested for arresting cops and than everyone is fucked except you. Do it.

  13. oh yes im sure ill be fine going into a strangers house without having any idea who or what is inside

  14. Or it's a cop lol.

    I wouldn't trust it. Not worth it

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