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  1. So I had been Getting OC's from a buddy of mine. He calls me up one day and said that he re-upped and that he got 60mg OC's so I rushed over to pick up a couple (I had only been gettin 20mg's from him) and when I get there he shows me the bottle and they say MSCotton And something to do with morphen I think??

    He says they are just like the OC's just way stronger... They look just like um orangish/pink with a 60 on one side and a M in a square on the other side, instead of OC....

    My question is this... I normally snort the OC's and sometimes just drop them... but is this the same shit just stronger or should I not toote them to be safe... does anyone have any experience with this stuff?
  2. mscotton is morphine, you were taking oxycodone
    oxy>morphine (IMO, and most peoples too)
    its fact that taking morphine orally produces little euphoric effects, at least compared to snorting/poppin oxy's
    read up on safe dosages and make a decision. btw, dont snort them...its basically pop em or shoot em and although i wont recomend shooting, that will produce the best high
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    I think he was talking about Oxycontin, not oxycodone which is generic percs. which I believe only come in 5/325 and 10/325 pills. On the other hand Oxycontin is oxycodone, but in a larger time release form. Which ive seen in 10,20,and 80mg. Ms Contin, is the same concept as Oxycontin, Morphine extended release, comes in 15-20-30-60-100-200

    Not sure how u should take it, I would def not snort, maybe do research, see if there is a coating on them, if not crush down, mix wit a tiny bit of water, heat up shoot up, or just take the pills.
  4. Man how you gonna recommend for him to shoot up? That's bad karma.
  5. Never recomended for him to shoot up, Just told him the ways to take the pill. He asked for help and I gave it.
  6. I know the dangers of shooting up I was addicted to smack for over a year, it took me months to finally kick it. Lots of really shitty months.
  7. Yup I've been there
  8. morphine sucks ass compared to oxycontin as far as sniffing/eating it goes, the only way to catch a good buzz from morphine is IV
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    negligent said it all..the bioavailability of morphine orally is sad. your buddys trying to sell them by telling you their stronger. if you arent willing to take the plunge and IV(not sure about MSContins and there fillers so idk for sure if they can be IV'ed) id take a large dose at least 120mg for a pleasant high. the OC are a lot more potent popping or sniffing

    edit** ive had pink 30mg morphine pills with a light coating that could be scratched off..then i powdered the pill and mixed it with water..turned into like a goo so i added heat and the wax separated out and i was left with morphine solution that i drew up and shot. its honestly so much better than taking the pills orally it feels like a different drug. im sure all morphine pills cant be done like that but its worth a try. just remember to remove time release coatings and look up the pills online to find out what the binders are**

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