Ms Woman Denies Selling Chocolate Laced With Drug

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  1. UK: MS Woman Denies Selling Chocolate Laced With Drug
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    Pubdate: Thu, 19 Jun 2003
    Source: Daily Telegraph (UK)
    Copyright: 2003 Telegraph Group Limited
    Author: Tom Peterkin


    A multiple sclerosis victim accused of supplying cannabis posted chocolates laced with the drug to a fellow sufferer, a court heard yesterday.

    Elizabeth Ivol, from Orkney, was contacted by the husband of an MS sufferer after he learned through a newspaper article that she had developed a technique for blending cannabis with chocolate.

    John Murray contacted Ivol, 55, of South Ronaldsay, in an attempt to improve his wife Eileen's condition.

    At Kirkwall Sheriff Court yesterday Ivol denied one charge of possession of cannabis, one charge of supplying cannabis and one charge of cultivating the drug.

    Mr Murray said he had thought about obtaining cannabis for some time but lacked contacts. But after reading a newspaper article featuring Ivol, he contacted her and she sent him cannabis chocolates in the post.

    Describing his wife's illness, he said she had been losing the use of her legs and was able, on a good day, to walk only a short distance.

    He said: "She has become quite dependent on my presence. As a result of reading the article, I became aware that Mrs Ivol had found a method for combining cannabis with chocolate. I understand it relieves the pain and symptoms."

    Mr Murray's home in Dalgety Bay, Fife, was later visited by police, who removed the cannabis chocolate before he had a chance to give any to his wife.

    Pc Michael Don, of Northern Constabulary, told the court that he obtained a search warrant to go to Ivol's home on August 6, 2001, following media attention.

    Tobacco, some rolled cigarettes and several recorded delivery slips were found.

    Also found at her home was a letter written by someone who had requested a supply of her "special Belgian chocolates".

    Mr Don told the court that when he interviewed Ivol, she told him: "I send out information packs first and they usually contact me again if they wanted to try the chocolate. I then send out a package of chocolates with nothing indicating where it has come from."

    The trial, before Sheriff Colin Scott Mackenzie, continues

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