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MS patient abused because they use MMJ

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kesseler, May 13, 2011.

  1. This sickens me.

    [ame=]YouTube - Cruel Treatment of Medical Marijuana Patient[/ame]
  2. bumpity bump bump
  3. Sickens me too I would slap that bitch.
  4. I hope she gets ms
  5. That's so fucked up...
  6. "no comment"

    poor guy. perhaps theres a little more to the story, but it seems unlikely.
  7. How would she like it if someone took her fucking medicine and left her stranded on a bed for a week. Bitch deserves it
  8. I'm sure they were worried about him driving his wheelchair high, but REALLY? taking his FUCKING WHEELCHAIR away? Not allowing him movement or any will of his own. She needs her license revoked.

    She also did take away his medical marijuana until he threatened to complain to police, so im sure that was it.
  9. B.itches be trippin about the misconceptions of marijuana.
  10. Some of these places are sketchy as fuck. This is one of them. Should be shut down.
  11. #11 SativaShark, May 13, 2011
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    I've always been fairly good at reading 'vibes' I get off people, and the feeling I get when I watch the video is that the people in charge have manufactured a 'legitimate' excuse to cover for their prejudice against, and possibly also fear of, medical cannabis. Even if there were (and there could be) an actual issue with the way he drives his wheelchair after he takes his medicine, there are plenty of other ways it could be solved without confiscating his wheels and taking away his medicine. A compassionate volunteer to accompany him when he is dosing and push his chair if he seems too medicated perhaps?

    The idea that a non-medically trained care worker should feel entitled to take away someone's prescribed medicine because she personally believes it has no value is abhorrent, and evidence of the still widespread misinformation about medical cannabis.

    You know, a heart patient's meds could be 'worthless' too, why not take those away if you think so? I dare you, lady. :mad:

    Edit: Just noticed this took place in 2009. I wonder how things turned out? :confused:

  12. I couldn't agree more. Well said.
  13. That's disgusting I hope this stupid bitch dies from something that's curable by marijuana, one less idiot to walk amongst the human race.
  14. And now a little something to restore your faith. (A bit) From here.

    I spoke with Mr Nagy for quite some time over the phone Saturday. Thankfully a compassionate fellow named Paul, who has just opened a new dispensary was able to find a temporary chair with wheels and escort Mr Nagy carefully down the hill to medicate. Mr Nagy's own wheelchair was returned to him Monday after his '7 day punishment'. This sweet 47 year old man on permanent disability will receive justice for the inhumane actions by a few soulless individuals. Count on it! In the mean time please be respectful when voicing your opinion and support for Mr Nagy. He mentioned his sister who holds power of attorney in Saskatoon was receiving some nasty phone calls, misdirected of course as the 'care aid' gave her number to complain too. I will update you as Mr Nagy and I correspond. Jeff and I hope to visit him within a few weeks,I have a brother in Kelowna! Trust me TY will be on it! We all need to protect each other!!

    The Universe bless the kind soul who came to help Mr. Nagy by taking him out for his medicine! But the part where the care aid had the nerve to give out the number of the guy's sister as the place to complain to makes my blood boil. His sister didn't take away his meds and wheelchair!
  15. This is so old.
  16. It may be old to you, but it is new to me and I'm glad it was posted. People in care centres are already subject to rudeness and abuse because some less than ethical staff members feel better about themselves when they torment people who have no way to escape. The fact that this mistreatment can extend to withholding our meds is something people need to be aware of.

  17. But the affects aren't. This is still present.

  18. Then get off the internet and do something about it.

  19. So tell me, do you have ANYTHING useful to post?

  20. -looks at rep-.. Apparently.

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