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  1. :( like the name says its drooping now wondering if anyone could help me asap as i dont want it to die now things i have done to it are

    a. added a bit of soil to the bottom of the cup

    b. watered little buddy twice

    now i didnt do anything else to the plant now the burnt leaves were not from me person i got it from was using cfls and had the light to close so they got burnt a bit

    and i havent used any nutes on them yet at all, i was thinking possibly a bit overwatered but i just like misted the top soil a couple times and added some dirt :\ dont know what it is have some ideas maybe rootlock or bound maybe? not sure but would apreciate any knowledge and help asap as i dont want it to die thanks! i couldnt upload the picture as i already did so heres the link to my grow also if any one knows how to move threads to grow journal id also like to know that lol thanks again
  2. Droop is almost always from over or under watering.

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