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  1. This thread is intended to be for my personal use. Anyone is welcome to comment and offer insight, but this is partially to help me attain lucidity in my dreams. I can control them to an extent, but I'm usually not conscious of the fact that it's a dream.

    Well, because I haven't been smoking (got ambushed with a drug test by dear old dad) I have been having some of the most vivid dreams... Before marijuana, I didn't usually remember more than one dream a week. Often times less than that. When I was smoking, I never remembered dreams. Marijuana lowers the amount of REM sleep that you get, so you're a lot less likely to remember dreams. Or even have them.

    In any case, after my dream last night I decided I would start writing down my dreams. This last one was so vivid that I can't help but get it out of my mind.

    I was driving down the highway. I don't know why, but one lane of the highway was grass (not weed grass, grass grass) that would have probably been up to my hip if I'd been standing in it. For some reason, I owned the highway, so I could go as fast as I wanted. I don't remember what car I was driving... My memory is that I seemed to just be floating along. Anyway. I turned around at some point and started coming back the other way, but suddenly every lane of the road was filled with cars. I remember being pretty pissed about that. Then that dream ended.

    The next part picked up as I was walking down a street. There was some kind of pizza place, but when I went to enter the door wasn't a door. Someone yelled at me for getting in the way... I remember feeling very confused about why someone was mad. Eventually, I found the door and walked in. I sat down at the bar and ordered a beer. Then the dream flashed forward, and i was walking out of the shop. I walked down this weird, narrow alley, when I was stopped by this really cute redheaded girl. She was talking to me and telling me that she liked me, and could tell I was smart, even though I hadn't said a word to her. She finished the conversation by telling me to come back at 10pm when she got off and we would go get ice cream. She then gave me her phone number.

    I still remember the number now that I'm conscious, and I looked it up. It's a real number. I've been halfway debating calling it... But that's just a little too weird.

    It would be an interesting way to test if there is a connection between dreams and reality, however. How crazy would it be if that girl had been having the same dream, but from her perspective?

  2. Good idea man. I've got a small black book that serves as my dream journal, and just by looking at the dates, you can see how I gradually remember more and more every month, then day, until finally I'm remember every dream every night. Last night I had my first fully lucid dream, so it would be a good idea to keep this going as I can vouch for it working!
  3. Yeah I tried to keep a written one a while back, but I could never stick with it. I'm hoping that by making this thread I can get myself to stick with it a little more.

    I'm still trippin out about the phone number thing. Shit's fuckin with my head. I want to call it haha

  4. at least send the text! nothing bad can come from it...maybe it's a cool red-headed girl eh? is it from your area code

  5. Well, I sent the text. We'll see what happens. How crazy would that shit be if it's the girl from my dream? If it is........ I don't know what I would do. That would have to mean that there would be a separate reality that you access when you dream, wouldn't it?

    There's no way. With my luck, it's probably going to be a 50 year old pedo whose number I call. Whatever, bring it. Motherfucker's gonna get shot if he tries to fuck with me.
  6. Well did they reply?

  7. Haha nope. Not really surprising.

    I'm kinda pissed... I don't remember any of my dreams from last night. After stopping smoking, it's to the point where I look forward to falling asleep. My dreams have been pretty entertaining so far... I usually wake up in the morning feeling great.

    Not this morning, though. I could barely pull myself out of bed even though I got a good night's sleep.

  8. I would call it just to be sure haha yeah i took a T-break and noticed an increment in dream recall too but then my break was over and so were the dreams.
  9. 3/29/12

    Strange dreams last night. I don't remember that much of them, but I distinctly remember walking through my high school campus. I saw a whole bunch of people that I recognized and conversed with, but looking back I can't remember the names or faces of any of them. There was a football game going on, Auburn versus someone else. Why it was at my high school I cannot remember.

    The dream faded out, and then faded in to the bartender I'm digging sitting next to me. I had my arm around her and we were laughing about something. When she laughs, her eyes form little crescent-moons, which for me is one of the biggest turn-ons there is (in real life, not dream life). So I just remember looking into her eyes and being filled with this deep satisfaction and joy. I swooped in for the kiss and when I was like a millimeter from making contact, the dream ended. Of course.


  10. ~That phone number thing is jokes, I had the same kinda thing there was this bloke i had to meet who apparantly knew my dads mate in the dream Mr. carsinelly or sumthing still gotta ask my dads mate if he knows this guy lol.

    I posted in your other thread about C.G. Jung, really look him up he looks like hell be right up ur street, all about dream analysis and stuff.

    And btw, dreams are your unconcious talking to you as it doesn't speak in words but in symbols such as in dreams. Symbols which are special to you and your situation but also collective symbols, symbols can be religious ones, or situations or even the whole dream.

    Just by writing your dreams and reading them back to yourself, you may not conciously understand the meaning behind the dream but just by making the dream concious by writing it and reading it it will sink into your waking mind and the message will subconciously be made aware to you. Of cousre it is better to analysie your dreams but this is a relatively effortless way to achieve worthwile results.

    Peace and happy/trippy dreaming :D

    Edit: also when I stopped smoking my dreams became increasingly vivid and I acctually started having dreams, However when i wrote them down as I woke up I could remember up to 5 dreams a night!!! Well worthwile writing them as soon as you wake up
  11. 3/30/12

    What a strange dream. I was wandering around some complex that clearly wasn't on Earth or made by humans. I was looking around, and there were these incredible spires all over the planet. They had orange fire coming out of the top of them, and I extrapolated that I was on the sun. I remember being incredibly confused as to why I was A) so comfortable and b) able to breathe.

    So I was walking around, and I walked up onto a wall and looked over and saw a river of liquid magma. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. It was clearly magma, but it flowed as if it had the viscosity of water. I wandered around for a little while, admiring the sights, figuring out what was going on, when I ended up inside a structure. I remember walking around, terrified of what I was going to find. I opened up a door and looked out onto a lunar landscape, complete with an Apollo 11 moon buggy. But driving the buggy, in a full space suit, was a monkey. I closed the door, hoping that it didn't see me. I called whoever I was walking with (they hadn't been there when I was outside, but somehow I knew they were with me when I was inside) and we walked into the room. The monkey went apeshit for a second, which scared me, but then it turned into a puppet-sized Curious George monkey (complete with the little sweater he wears) and hugged my leg. I think he stayed there for the rest of the dream.

    Flash forward a little bit, and I'm walking alongside a blonde girl and we're talking about where we are. Turns out, my initial assumptions were right. We were on the sun. The spires vomiting flame that I had seen were what put up the raging nuclear fires that people on Earth could see and get warmth from. She said that they were part of a 1960's experiment where the government abducted several hundred people in a small town, put them in a massive rocket, and launched them to the sun. The rocket was capable of flying at the speed of light, so somehow the government had made contact with extraterrestrial beings (as the technology for that kind of space travel still didn't exist on Earth, I was certain).
    The people landed and began colonizing the sun, discovering some sort of alien civilization. We walked along a 4-lane-wide road, talking and talking and talking. I don't remember most of what was said.

    All of a sudden, we saw a massive being sitting in the road ahead of us. I looked to the right, where the girl had been, and saw a puff of smoke where she had been sitting. Something in my head told me that I was a rogue (from WoW) and I vanished. I remember being amazed that I could do that. Suddenly the girl and I were telepathically linked and we both shadowstepped behind the monstrosity, striking it, climbing all over it, stabbing it with daggers I hadn't had a second ago. We felled the monster and stood, looking at each other, sweating and laughing. The level of primal joy that I felt was unreal.

    We began recovering our bearings, feeling connected on a very subconscious level, when someone appeared behind her. I tried to say something, but as quickly as he appeared, he plunged a dagger into her spine and disappeared. She fell like a rag doll, smile still on her face. I vanished again, panicking, looking for the faint outline that someone who's stealthed gives off when they come close to you (think live-action WoW PvP and you're not far off). The daggers were back in my hands.

    I silently padded around, eyes like a hawk, looking for the perpetrator. All of a sudden, a sharp pain hit the back of my neck and I crumbled. I remember being alive long enough to see a gnarled, troll-looking man standing over me, grinning evilly. I remember being completely and utterly afraid. I wasn't ready to die.

    Then that dream ended.

    The next was very short, but Jessica made a return, which I definitely didn't have a problem with. She was dressed in some absolutely fantastic-looking lingerie, walking around serving beer. She came and left an ice cold Fat Tire on the bar in front of me, then grabbed me by my tie and dragged me through the doorway in front of me. The seductive look on her face instantly had my dick harder than a rock. We walked through the doorway, and the dream ended. Talk about blue balls, subconscious. Thanks for that.

    Woke up with a boner. hahahahaha totally necessary.

  12. 4/3/2012

    I know I had a bunch of different dreams last night, but I can't remember them to save my life. I'm pissed about it. Usually I can remember at least a couple of them... I need to start going to bed earlier. I've got to sleep at 3AM the last several nights... That's not helping my case.

  13. You might already be aware of this, but taking melatonin before bed increases your ability to recall dreams. I take it as a sleep aid but it also has the bonus effect of dream recall. (Last night I got mauled by a crocodile. Not the most fun dream, but intense nonetheless.)
  14. I'll have to look into the melatonin. I dunno, I just don't want to get hooked on anything to fall asleep. It took a while to be able to fall asleep again after I stopped smoking every night. Eventually I just got so tired that I fell asleep and the insomnia was broken. It was miserable for a couple days though.

    Had a very strange series of dreams last night. First, I was in the front yard of a house. It was a fairly small house, probably 200 feet away from the road. Two stories tall, wood siding, painted red. The red paint had cracked and chipped a lot. You could tell the house was at least 50 years old. On either side of it were massive mansions. It was strange. It looked like the house shouldn't have fit in between the two mansions, but the closer you got to it the bigger it got.

    Cut to me being inside the house. The interior was very familiar. I'm not sure where I have seen what it was before, but I have a few very vivid images leftover in my mind. It was like a hybrid of one of the really nice houses they have down in Auburn and some high-class bar/lounge. Very strange. A bunch of people from my fraternity were there, but I don't remember any faces. At some point, my laptop just kinda appeared in my hands, but the case was cracked and dented and I was freaking out about it for a while. I think at some point it dawned on me that I was just dreaming, but I didn't react fast enough to go lucid.

    Cut to me sitting first class on a plane. It's landing somewhere in the mountains, but I don't know where yet. The plane taxis to the gate and I turn my phone. I immediately get a call from a girl named Claire, who's my best friend in the world and the girl I would marry today if I could. I realize at that point that I've landed in Denver and I'm filled with an excitement that I haven't felt in years. I answer the phone and hear her voice and am filled with joy, but when I try to respond, no sound comes out of my mouth. I start to panic, and then I woke up.

    Interesting night.


  15. Was it the same area code as you live in or what was the area code?
  16. You ever look into DMT (dimethyltriptamine)? The more you learn about it the more you understand dreaming and a the afterlife and how they are connected.

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