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  1. Hey guys, neeb grower here, i have the pc completely lightproof, lights in it, only using an intake fan as smell is not an issue and it gets really cold where i live and snows so temps will be on the low side, i have a heater just in case

    " fan.JPG "

    " computer before complete light proof & rack.JPG "

    " Lights 2 cfls.JPG "

    " whole box b4 screen.JPG "

    " where screen goes.JPG "

    " rack folds.JPG "

    let me know what you guys think

    Duct tape and the items i had round the house were what my budget could afford haha

    its legit enough to grow in so now i just have to get the girls goin

    i have 3 germinating and one already germinated hopeing it will sprout soon:hello:
  2. try to get something else to hold up those lights like magnets or zipties. most likely after awhile the tape will melt or slip off.
  3. I am picking up supplies tomorrow, i just had to get it set up cuz i only had so much time, i am making adjustments slowly to take some of that shyty lookin tape out of there...i am going to pick up a 24" case soon
  4. i guess my shit just aint good enugh for some response haha....every thread ive posted has had very few responses...ohwell

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