MRI's , oh they are such joy

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  1. I've had a few mri's in my I had one for my mid / lower back again. I can usually bear it ..the staying still...the noises n shit. Today though. ..I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack or some shit. The 2nd to last scan is what got me...she said it was going to be 15 minutes. ..well I've been in a tube like coffin for 40 minutes already with like 6 inch of space around me. I started to do some deep inhales and back was really starting to flare up..I was becoming a real mess in there..literally tearing up..she stopped it and asked if I was alright. .I was starting to talk..and her intercom over powered my talking. .because she was like..u gotta keep still yadda. .ur deep breathing messed up the scan..well hAve to do it again...I'm like wtf. So i said in a distressed voice ..fine..just get this shit done. ...finished now she comes in and pulls me out of the mri machine..I hopped off quick and zhe was like I had to lower the table..

    I was like that shit was killing me. .her response. .maybe next time you should ask for a Xanax or something to keep me chill.

    I already take medication for my high blood pressure/hypertension. ...fuck man!
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  2. They make open MRIs, I have had two. You should check it out, they are much nicer than going in the tube.
  3. I had an MRI on my head. They had to try twice as the first time I felt the squeeze I panicked. The second attempt she placed a towel over my eyes and I was fine. I actually liked the noise, sounded like industrial music.
  4. MRI = really shitty dubstep in a tiny fucking arena!


    I had a bowl before my last MRI. They had headphones and I asked them to play some EDM. One of the songs from the Tron 2 soundtrack came on and was synced 95% with the sounds of the MRI. I had to fight from laughing my ass off.
  5. I remember when I split my spleen and I was in a mri once and I keep puking.

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