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  1. Hello and welcome!
    I wanted to start a journal here to help me track my techniques and feedings to help dial in my system.
    I have been growing in soil for a few years but switched over to trying out rockwool for a bit. Loving it so far.

    Current strain list:
    -SFV OG
    -Gorilla Glue
    -Purple Pineapple
    -Double Black
    -Blue Dream

    Seedlings (all regular seeds):
    - 3 Forum Cookies X Cookies & Cream (one possibly male. Hope to collect the pollen if so)
    - 3 Space Queen
    - 2 Lavender X White Widow
    - 3 bagseed

    Also have two Auto plants whose seeds were gifted to me and I don't remember the strain names for them. One of them is nugging up nicely and the other isn't doing much.

    For veg I am using a 4' X 4' with three 1' X 4' trays and 7 4' T5 lights. Two of the 1' X 4' trays I use for my vegging plants with 5 of the T5 lights over them. The other tray I use for my seedlings and rooting clones with 2 T5 lights over it. 1459123494891.jpg 1459123702302.jpg

    For flowering I have a 4 X 8 tent with a 600 watt HPS on a light rail. Might be going with a 1000watt for the next round. Here's a few bud shots about 4 weeks into flowering of cookies, SFV OG and Purple Pineapple.
    1459123871223.jpg 1459123892263.jpg 1459123915919.jpg 1459123934521.jpg

    Hope to be posting more soon. Thank you!
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    Here is the Forum Cookies X Cookies & Cream seedling which I think is male. You can see in the picture I topped it and is popping a bunch of what look to be male flowers.
    I was hoping for one male from each set of strains so now I'm hoping the rest of the seedlings of this strain are female. I also want a Space Queen male. The Lavender Widows I'm hoping the stronger of the two is female and the other is male. Both are growing great and look strong but one is just a little bit stronger looking.
  3. Building an LED for my veg tent. 48 3-watt LED with 4 different diodes.

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  4. Hung the T5 light over the freshly transplanted clones. I have some under the LED I built and some under the T5 to compare the growth. Already seeing some good signs that the LED is showing better growth but still early to really tell.
  5. The LED is working amazingly. Plants under the LED seems to be growing rapidly all along the plant. Even the lowest growths are growing just as fast as the tops and feel like strong branches. I built another light that is using 10 watt white LED pieces but didn't get as good of a PAR reading as the blue/red light. Plus the plants under the blue/red are definitely growing better. Plus I wanted to build another LED light so I'm designing another to be a very similar spread as the first blue/red light. I'm also working on design for a 2' X 4' for flowering. Wanted to use a section to cut off from my HPS and set up a few under an LED to flower.

    Also got some seeds from a buddy of mine and will be germinating a couple. I'm working on expanding my veg area with these new LED lights but the issue of space remains until then so I can only germinate a few. Probably 3 to 4 and I was thinking he gave me three different seeds so I could do 3 of 1 and pheno hunt or 1 of all 3 and hope for females. Here are the strains...
    - Gorilla Glue #4 X Ghost Train Haze
    - Holy Grail X Durban Poison
    - San Fernando Valley X Super Lemon Haze

    I'm excited for all three but can't decide which one(s) to germinate. Any thoughts?
  6. Decided to start two seeds of each of the strains Gorilla Glue #4 X Ghost Train Haze #1, Holy Grail X Durban Poison, and San Fernando Valley X Super Lemon Haze. So far all seeds have cracked and are in soil except one of the GG#4 X GTH#1. I am really looking forward to seeing how these turn out. I currently have a GG#4 cut and a San Fernando Valley cut but I think I am going to cycle both of them out to make room for my other strains. I've had both for a while and I am getting tired of them. Might keep a small mother of each around to keep the genetics but I'm not worried about it if I don't.
  7. Finished another LED light. Is made of 45 3watt LEDs and is two spectrums of blue and two of red. The power draw is about 85 watts. I reused the hoods from the T5 lights I took down from my first LED light and attached them to the reflector. Seems to be working very well. Don't heat up much at all.
  8. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Not sure the previous post pictures worked so here's another attempt

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