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  1. My kush clones are just about ready.............then i get to start a NEW project...

    i got 6- 5gal buckets, 6inch airstones, and a hydroponic air pump on its way......

    i finally sucessfully cloned my 3 blue cheese plants. i pulled 3 clones of each plant...i am going to toss one of each cheese in my flower rrom to determine sex....and the remaining 2clones from each plnt will be used for the bubble buckets.... at the moment they are in my veg box soaking up the sun......

    stay tuned and i'll have pics of them in the buckets and so on.....thx

    the beer cups way on the right are the blue cheese clones....
  2. here's the pic..........

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  3. i just put one clone from each plant in my flowering box to check sex.

    hopefully they will all produce hairs......
  4. is it barneys or big buddah blue cheese do u know, and which variety of kush ? Looks like a cool setup, im in :cool:
  5. blue cheese are big buddah, got the seeds from VSB. and the kush is Purple kush, my grow journal on those are on page four of this section.....23kush clones 1000hps..

  6. no pre-flowers yet.............booo!
  7. Delicious selection of strains. I just had some green crack the other day. It was DELICIOUS. Nice licorice type flavor to it and a beautiful high. I'll be watching this one.
  8. green crack you say?......i got 2green crack ladies a week away for harvest...dont yield alot but it's top notch.

    it's tastes so good....
  9. HI
    currently attempting a BB Blue cheese- not to familiar with the grow char. of this strain...Do you think if i vegged it to about 9 inches, it won't stretch too much (my cab will allow for about 2ft max height? (i know there's alot of variables to consider, just looking for a ball park number) won't be doing and scrog or lst...
    just a strait out grow DWC
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    i have heard many ppl say that a plant will double in ever im all my grows(3) i have never had them double in size during the flowering stage......not even close..

    i'd grow them 15 to 18inches then flower.... imo

    if your max height 2ft, id recommend lst, or tieing them down....more yeild this way..
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    so far my blue cheese #2 and #3 are ladies, still waiting on b.c. #1(when watering, I over nuted it, accidentally, then flushed in a mad panic.) could be male OR stressed and taking longer to show sex....all in due time

    i'll be putting them in the net pots soon...
  12. Hey bro , sorry I havent dropped by subscribed.
  13. hey, no worries..

    Good news the last cheese plant is a girl too.....wooo hooo.....
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    just put all 6 cheese ladies in their net pots, waitng for their roots to show so i can put them in the 5gal buckets....

    post some pics soon....last pic is of all my cheese clones. for my sea of cheese...coming soon.

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  15. i'll post some pics of all the blue cheese in their bubble buckets tomorro...

    i had 2 buckets left over so i tossed a whitewidow X blueberry lady in one and 1 Indoor mix lady in the other....
  16. looking good T. hope to see those girls big in no time.
  17. well they have been Vegging for 2months or more...!

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  18. i have 6 blue cheese (5gal)bubble buckets, a white widow x blueberry 5gal pot, 3 purple kush(2gal pots), 7 atomic haze, and 3 blue chesse in soil.
  19. Damn Tangent , looking Green and very bushy. K+ bro thanks for the updates
  20. when ya gonna be throwing em into flower?

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