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Discussion in 'General' started by 367300099, May 23, 2010.

  1. what exactly is it? i live in indiana and ive heard about this stuff. has anyone tried it? im wondering what kind of high and gives you. side effects n what not. im thinking about trying to but it seems sketchy.
  2. well first off if you buy it buy another pipe to smoke out of cause the resin that it forms is very different from real pot but the effects of it are very disapointing and i have had the effects last from five to thirty mins but i guess if u cant get pot its a good quick high but i also noticed that if i smoked more than three bowls i have problems breathing and it has killed people around the world but i lived off the stuff for my junior year of high school and it did not have any long term effects on me yet so if i find more i will buy it again

    happy smoking
  3. seriously fuck that stuff, i know people who have almost died from how they acted on it, like jumping out of moving cars and stuff. I am not sure if they were using other drugs, but it was a contributing factor. I feel you though in indiana, shit is tight in there.

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