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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SECNEEK, May 10, 2003.

  1. hey im flowering now as u know.. what should i do about Ferts? what should i use to help the flower? i got some 10-10-10 but i heard u dont need as much Nitro as that when flowering.. its more of the other stuff.. ill have Pics soon. my camera is out of order for now.. but people that are growing with FLORO i have some good advice and a nice way to set ur grow box u, and also some tips on Lights u should use.. so far my grow is growing great.. i got lucky getting a girl just growing 1 plant, but thats what i do, produce girls.. haha later guys
  2. also is there anything besides Time Release Ferts? cause thats what i have. . also is it OK or not OK to transplant your plant wile in 12/12? im asking because i think my plant might be getting to big for what i have it in...
  3. I use a fruiting/budding guano for my plants while they are in 12/12, It has a high phosphorus level i think something like 5-15-5. Sfar its worked well. I think it a mixture of earthworm castings and seabird guanos. :)

  4. i use miricle grow bloom, it's approx 5-30-5...(off the top of my head).......and yes the plant will need more P during for transplanting, how long has it been flowering?......stress may be too much, what size of pot is it in, and what height is the plant now........Peace out........Sid
  5. Sid, check out my Pictures on the "MY GIRL STRESS" post.. there u will see my grow box/plant.. its 10 inches maybe even 12 now.. she has gotten bigger since i started to flower..
    i put the lights a lot closer , and now i have even more light in the box.. give me some tips Sid dog..
  6. here she is... and i have the lights as close as i can get them.. the pot i have the plant in is very wide at the top and gets narrow as it goes down.. thats why i cant really put the lights to close.. but there about 2-3 inches from the plant.. the lights in the back are like 5 inches away.. and the 1 at the top is like 2 inches from it... I KNOW IT LOOKS FUNNY but it works.. i got a big box of sunshine...

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  7. these bulbs push 1100 lumens a peice.. the big one at the top pushes 5000 lumens..

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  8. hehehe kinda looks like my bedroom in highschool(dad never questioned the 2foot gap between my headboard of the bed and my wall.. 3 plants using sog grown in a 4x2x4 and got 5oz dried all together) but anywho looks like an alright setup. should take the light bulb sockets outa the lamps and tape/clamp em to a 1x2/2x4 board so u can position em better
  9. is this a good plant food... it says 10-60-10

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  10. i think that will be good
  11. yea, dilute it a bit more than usual though, as 60 is a bit high, but still should be safe enough :)

    btw, very good job on the room setup, looks like a 60's party room :)
  12. hahaha a 60's party room! i like that..thanks for the tips also
  13. yeah that fert is good...( **whispers** "bloddy yanks!....wish i could get that fert here" good job on the box, how much spare space do you have to in the box for the height the plant will end up?......if you triggered at 10", chances are it will end up approx 24"......could be more, or less!!.......and also allow for a bit of room from the top fluro......hence i hope that box is as follows.......8" for the pot........24" for the least 3"say, for the distance to the that's approx 35" say 3', and that's not including the top light itself, as i don't know if it's flush with the top of the box or sits inside the box?........keep up the good work and when they are clearly visible, get some bud pics up........Peace out.......Sid
  14. thanks.. haha i got the only box of that 10-60-10 at Target.. last one on the shelf.. and yea i got more room for the plant when she gets bigger... the plant is sitting up on 2 Dutch Master Blunt boxes, so that its closer to the top Floro light.. and yea that top floro light is almost flush with the top of the box , it sinks in about 1''. so when she gets a bit bigger im going to take those 2 boxes out from under her wich leaves it with about 10 or more inches to grow.. i measured my plant just a min ago and its at 11'' now.. i have not yet used that Fert because i wanted to make sure it was going to be OK.. and also because i waterd her just yesterday and i dont want to kill her with 2 much water.. so ill wait till friday to add that Blooming stuff.. and i hope she does not get any bigger than 24 inches. haha the box is 2 and a half feet tall and 2 foot wide! that would be pressin my luck... any whoooo thanks for the Tips Sid!!! ill stay in touch with more Updated pictures..

  15. ps remember and do as stylez said and dilute it i'd start at 1/4 strength and slowly increase.........Peace out........Sid
  16. yea i did that already lastnight.. i have the water with the food in it all ready for feeding when the time comes.. its sitting in the grow box to stay at room temp.. But here is a stupid question.. Im a new grower so i dont care, i ask to learn.. Ok, i know when u have a female plant u get those white pistols.. Well what are those for, besides Sexing the plant?? Do they produce THC? And when should i expect crystals? sorry if its dumb but like i said, screw it.. it dont hurt to ask... later bro

  17. feel free to ask, your still learning......"the man who never ask's is the man who never gets" ........those white pistols are the buds starting to will get more of them, and they will intertwine to make what you will know as where these pistols are growing are bud sites, and the pistols will give off more crystals as they mutiply, and exess crystals will fall off onto the leaves.....look at some bud pics in the picture post, and look at the bits that stick out....that's the pistols..........Peace out.........Sid
  18. thanks alot for that info. i did not know that...u learn somthing new everyday.. well my plant has MANY white pistols comming from the top and to the middel and some on the branches sticking out.. im gessing thats just the start of it since i started this 12/12 process a week and 2 days ago.. and now that i have the 10-60-10 shits gonna explode!! cant wait.. here is a nother pic BE 4 i start th
    10-60-10.. what strain do u think it looks like?

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  19. another shot

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