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Mr. SID.. or someone

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by SECNEEK, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. ok, im 5 weeks and 3 days into flowering... is it ok to give my plant 1 more shot of Fert with 10-60-10 the next time i water her? or should i just leave it and waist till harvest since its comming soooon? a lot of the hairs on the plant are still milky white, but there are also some that are witherd and brownish looking almost ready for harvest.. what do i do?? please help ASAP... thanks.... Mr. SECnasty
  2. what strain is it again?......is it an early styrain?......most will take approx 8 weeks onwards, and i've ferted up to a week off, and it's still fine................Peace out..........Sid
  3. Sid, i have no idea what kinda plant i have.. its short and bushy.. u said Indica.. i mean peep my other post with pictures..i guess ill feed her 1 more time with fert ... thanks for ur help!
  4. yeah it won't do it any harm, as long as you don't harvest in the next few days............Peace out.........Sid
  5. I'd also say go ahead, but your not cutting the plant for atleast 2 more weeks but the last week give it a good flush ing letting the excess water about quart of a gallon has washed out the salt and fert build up. This would give it a smoother taste.

  6. ok no prob, i was wondering why people flush there plants... this method wont kill the plant?? it wont drownd it? or it does not matter since im gonna harvest it anyways?
  7. Flushing is done for the purpose of removing the ferts and salt build up, this improves the taste. It also makes the kind a softer smoke on the throat.\

  8. ok well im 5 1/2 weeks into flowering.. when should i flush my plant?? the day be for harvest? a week be for harvest? cause the day befor harvest im gonna keep it in the dark for 24 hours be for i hang her to dry so that the THC is more potent.. i just fed her yesterday afternoon with my fert
    10-60-10, the pot is heavy now cause of the water.. im not tryin to hurt her cause im so close.. help me out.. thanks
  9. i'd flush the soil approx 5 days before hand, that way you should be able to possibly flush twice to make sure all the ferts are out...........Peace out..........Sid

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