Mr. Postmans overgrown closet grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Mister Postman, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. I\'m very jealous of your sexy ladies. I need to get my hands on some strains like that. I\'m really loving the DPxSkunk and it\'s pinkness. Keep up the good work and keep posting bud porn, nothing beats it.
  2. My god they are so nice!!! very well done!
  3. damn wish I were YOU :)
  4. Hey thanks for stoppin by my fellow gc members. I suggest to stck around as now from day 25 fower on it\'s the downward bud swellin stretch to the finish line;) we all love.

    On another note I just picked up my 400 mh/hps conversion kit today, and from day 25 on these will now be flowering under a 400 hps:hello: . Woohoo let the resin drenched games begin:smoking: This should shed a lot of light on the situation, and get that closet to come alive
  5. Well i got the 400 hps in, and temps will not be a problem.. I have real good air circulation, and lots of fans moving air.

    Durban poison x skunk plznt & bud shot
    Northern lights possibly c99 x blueberry... I had a stoner mistake... what do you think?? nl or c99 x bb bud shot... I thought nl at first, but I\'m thinking a possible c99 x bb now.. calyx so heavy with trichomes they look blue
    My BIG bitchy Ice plant.. She is a beast.. Give ICE some room
    Gotta small space?? Fill it with Sadhu from Mandala.. Hardly any stretch, and crystal covered compact buds.. Can\'t wait to try this one.. Below the plant pic is a side a view of the sadhu.. look at that carpet of buds:hello: :smoking: if this plant keeps up i will be harvesting a ball of buds LOL
  6. They are really looking good tasty looking colas, keep updating loving this journal keep it growing +REP:smoking:
  7. Thanks for the +rep Ptw33dman. Glad your enjoying the journal so far. Next few weeks will be the best of all for pictures as those buds swell, and start to drip with resin!! So far I\'m more than pleased with how things are going. This grow looks like it will have a higher quality product then the last run in the closet. I only have my dp x skunk to go by on this but by the looks of that plant this round the crystal formation increased 10 fold.
  8. I\'ve been looking around at different blueberry, and blueberry crosses, and I\'ve come to the conclusion that my Northern lights (not the one in the auto pot, I know that one is for sure NL) may in fact be my c99 x blueberry \"cindarella Blues\". See I made a pretty big stoner mistake early in the grow when I transplanted, and mixed up the labels/plants... If this is so, and this is infact the c99 x bb then I got one female from each strain I tried... I\'ve been looking at both blueberry & Nl plants, and this plant looks strikingly similiar to blueberry, and a few bb crosses.. I\'m actually getting a bluish hue to the calyxes, and it doesn\'t smell like blueberry candy yet, but it has a fresh wild berry smell. Trust me when I tell ya this one is going to be a friggin beauty

    WOW JUST LOOKING AT THESE BUDS MAKE MY MOUTH WATER!! To think I have another 30-40 daze to go till chop chop
    This is the plant in question
    At any rate.. no matter which it is, it looks like it going to be a mighty fine tastey smoke.
  9. dang i wish i could grow some idk about u but the idea of smoking something i took the time to grow makes it alot better then just smoking bought stuff
  10. No doubt growing & smoking your own homegrown is extremely rewarding!! A grower has love for his crop that is for sure. It makes it even nicer when you know it\'s most likely, gees forget that, you KNOW it\'s better then any buds you could have bought locally.. Where I\'m from ounces of really descent seedless buds sells for anywhere from $300-400 AN OUNCE!!! Not nearly the crystal covered, name strain goodness I grow from my little garden that is for sure.
  11. Beautiful Postman...amazing looking plants, feel free to send some of that harvest this way ;)(stupid busts making it hard to find bud around here)
    I need to get myself some more cashflow so I can start doing something like that
  12. Figured I\'d post a few updated pics.. My clones are freaking taking off with growth. I already have them topped, and inner node growth is pushing out nicely. In the clone closet I added two more cfls that I was able to remove from the flower closet when I put in my 400 hps

    There is one plant you\'ll see in the back of the pic in a larger pot.. This is not a clone, but rather a PPP Pure power plant seedling that I\'m gambling on to be a female:p

    Now for the yummy updated bud pics.. I highly suggest Hashberry from Mandala seeds!! Buds/leaves so filled with crystals you could friggin ski down it LOL. One of the dankest plants I ever had the joy to grow.

    First pic is hashberry
    Next bud shot is from my c99 x blueberry
    My ICE plant... Crystals, and bud production has just started in full force for her.. I suspect it\'ll take this plant a couple weeks longer then the others

    just to note they are now 4 weeks into flower.. About another 4 weeks left for most, but they\'ll be harvested according to cystal color.
  13. that looks fukcin excellent man... feel free to send some to the south east gulf coast for testing... for real though, i grow outdoors myself and just chopped my big girl three days ago, and the more and more i look at these indoor pics, i wanna grow indoors, but the i think the yeild will go down from what i\'m used to outdoors. how have your previous yeilds been with the setup that you use?

  14. No doubt in the great outdoors yields can be just HUGE. I\'ve been growing outside for years, but just resently set-up my closets for some indoor growing, and I\'m loving it.. I like that can control when they flower, and becasue of this the yield per grow may be less then outside, but you can yield multiple times a season. I know I perosnally like variety in my grows, so this also allows you to harvest muliple strains a season. I also like that I don;t have to deal with theives, and expecially the elements.. I noticed quite a bit more potency in my indoor overall, and this may be becasue it\'s a lot more hands on, and also you donlt have to deal with rain/drought/pests

    Right now I only have about 3.5 ft- 4ft max of growing room. from top of the pots to the highest point I can keep the lights. I sually veg for a few weeks till they all reach about 1.5 ft tall then flower.. I prune, lst to get the most of my space, an can run 8 plants of this size in the closet at a time.. Each plant will yield about 1.5-3.5 oz each depending on strain etc.. Right now I\'m on the second run or the season, and will get another one in for sure before oct. as I took clones and got them vegging while these are flowering.
  15. Postman-

    Would you reccomend Hashberry for a second time grower (first grow never went through)?

    Im looking now, and they are just as cheap as any nirvana strain I was going to get, so I think it might be a good buy.

    Also, what\'s the smell like? Thats my biggest factor I need to weigh.

    Does it smell like berries at all?

    Woul dyou reccomnd something like Blue Mystic If I need to control the odor a bit better?

    Thanks so much

    EDIT: I am now looking at \"speed queen\" which seems to be another good choice for me....
  16. No doubt hashberry, and sadhu from Mandala are both great choices for a new grower. They both do not stretch nearly as much as the other strains I have, and becasue of this it is very easy to control, and grow indoors. It smells pretty average, not overpowering by any means, but it does have the skunk/mj smell when you get in close or shake her up.. I think Northern lights is widely known for it\'s little smell during growth.. That may be a strain to look into. As far as the sweet smells like berry, or bubble gum in my experiance it comes later after harvest with a proper cure mostly.. although my c99 x blueberry has a slight berry sent, but it could not pass for a blue berry bush thats for sure:p it does still smell like most other mj plants for the most part
  17. Hmm, so northern lights is low smelling? I always thought it would be potent?

    Anyway, I\'ll see how much those cost, and if theyre around the same price as Hashberry/speed queen, then I might have to pick them up.

    HOWEVER, in my closet, I am only looking to grow like 2 plants fully. The others that are females will go outside, and I might kill all but one male, so I can pollenate another plant and have more seeds for the next year.

    EDIT: Northern lights is the same price (from nirvana) so if it really is not that potent (smell wise) then i will definately have to buy those
  18. About how much weight do you guess this grow will produce? And this is all for personal?
    Awesome man, I only wish I could do that. Maybe once I move out I could give it a go, because I really want to try something like that. Daaang if thats all for personal use you\'re going to have to spend at least a week trying out each strain haha. Boy do I wish we were tokin\' buddies right about now. :smoking:

    Happy tokin\',
  19. smoking weed that you\'ve grown is priceless... you really can\'t put a price on it....

  20. You know last grow I only had two plants with a 250 watt hps, and yielded just about 3.5 ounces.. This grow I have 7 under a 400hps plus about 240 in fluorescent.. I put them to flower just a tad earlier then last (so they would fit) but I got things pretty much down tight this round, and I\'m noticing an overall increase in bud size, bud sites, bud formation, and crystal production. I\'m thinking I\'ll do anywhere from 10-14 ounces, and I think that\'s a safe/fair guestamate. Just depends on how the next 5 weeks go I guess.. Anyone else with a estimate?? And yes absolutely I grow for myself, and maybe a handful of friends form time to time. I have cousin with cancer, and well I do a lot of it for him.. I think it\'s totally fucked up for one state to deny someone batteling a most likely fatal illness a treatment they could legally receive in another state.. This is fucking America RIGHT!!! I do it so God forbid something happened I\'d be in jail, and he\'ll have whatever is left free
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