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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Mister Postman, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. Well he we are 5 days into flowering, and I went ahead and got rid of 2 males today.. The rest all females:) 7 total

    I\'m growing in a small 4 x 1.5 x 5 ft closet. 5 In soil, andI have 2 girls setup in Auto Pots. I\'m loving these auto pots.. a real simple way to take on hydro growing for the beginner! I\'m using Pure Blend Pro Grow & Bloom, liquid Karma, and Ionic Boost for a late season flowering boost. I\'m loving Pure Blend too.. A very good organic fert. for sure.. I get my water mix in the dose, and bam ph right at 6.0, and it stays!! I\'m using every light avaialble.. 250 watt hps, and assorted fluorescents.. In the back I have a retisun 10.0 uvb producing bulb (I ain\'t no dummy;) UVB = Trichomes... give it a try)

    A look to the left
    A look to the right
    Further right behind the fan LOL
    Now the lineup
    Lst Northern lights

    After this grow I will modify my Auto pit system. I\'m going to take a rectangle 3 inch high pan that fits my closet, and use the auto pot smart valve to flood the whole closet space.. New york city diesel x williams wonder will be the lucky strain.
  2. Looking nice here man. How is it smelling? I got a closet a little bit bigger than that. Your growin 7 plants in thatsmall of a space? Dam im gonna try that but it must reek in there. Keep us updated. Im pulling up my chair. Front row mothafuckerS!!!!

  3. Oh yeah all 7 packed in there with some good lst work for sure. if I have to I will scrap the lower buds and let it consentrate on the tops, but that is a LAST resort.. What\'s sweet about cfl\'s and fluorescents is no heat.. I actually lay them between the plants to reach lower branches quite nicely.. I do have room behind the fan & Res, and I have two 85 watt cfl on order in case I need the space. I\'ll be throwing those mega cfls on anyway LOL. I just have to get extra tubing for my auto pots so I can push everything back a bit.

    Suprisingly smell isn\'t so bad yet, but I am running a charcoal air purifier in the room, and a little TrueAir purifier right in the closet itself.

    I plan on updating every few days with some porn..
  4. Nice that box fan works good huh? I got a air filter running on my plants too and it gets rid of the smell instantly. Was LST very easy to do? Do you know how to trim?? Get back to me man... Keep up the good work man.


  5. Oh yeah lst is extremely easy.. I just wrap a rubberband around the pot get some string tie very light nots, and start pulling down the top, and tiring on the band. Once you can get the top down the inner growth gets more hormones, and takes off growing.. Basically instead of harvesting 1 big cola and a few smaller you get many of pretty much the same size, and the lower buds can produce a bit better as you position them to get the most light possible. Instead of the christmas tree look lst and topping gives you the bush look.

    Yes I do prune as well. I have a few of them topped, and lst work on them.. I pull the top new shoots in two different directions, and started circlig the pot.. I really like lst cause it\'s hands on and you can see a reaction from your actions in it\'s growth patterns. As far as topping goes I just top the main growth shoot once at about the 5th node, and thats it.. the rest lst.

    The box fan works extremely good.. keeps my girls nice and cool with all those lights on them.. I keep it pretty high too.
  6. nice grow m8
    hope one day ill reach ur skill lvl
  7. I love your plants dude beautiful variety and your setup is bangin. Cant wait to see this harvest :D
  8. wow..thats amazing dude, nice plants and def. nice setup.
  9. Thanks fellows.. I\'ll be updating pics today.. Gotta take the ride to visit my ladies now, be back this evening with updated pictures:wave:. Not sure how far they will have come in two days, but everyone loves pictures anyway.. Hopefully I come to see more pistals popping all over:smoking:
  10. Well Today I ventured back into the grow room, and I was quite happy with the past days growth.. I Watered with 50/50 tap/distilled, and added in Pure Blend Pro till ppm hit 600.. I then added some Ionic Grow Boost to yhe mix, and watered at 6.0 ph

    Update shot of the closet
    Northern lights.. look at the growth in 2 days!!
    Durban Poison x Skunk1 clone.. Dude there are all bud sites in the middle.. Today I pulled the high tops out a bit more letting the light shine in on all the bud sites in the center.. Should be fun to see how this flowers.. lots of buds sites
    Local Strain clone. This clone, and the sadu were taken in flower, and had some strange growth while revegging and growing out what was the bud sites.. should be fun to watch it flower,.. Bud sites galore!! Anyone take clones in flower and then flower it before?? does it yeild different? more-less?

    Pic of my northern light upfront, and ice in the auto pot system.. It\'s amazing how much they drink!!! I actually took clones from these two plants today.. I took 4 from the lower bud sires of the NL, and 2 from the lower bud sites on the ice
    Oh yeah time for some future mommas
    My new clone box :smoking:

    on another nte.. More pistals.. my durban poison x skunk clone is developing the purple coling I have come to love:D
  11. nice plants, but I\'m going to shank you if you keep saying sadu! lol it\'s sadhu! :p
  12. LoL didn\'t even realize I was doing that.. I know how it\'s spelled, but I guess when I\'m typing fast it just happens... I would have done that a couple hundred more times in this journal if you never said anyting:smoking:
  13. Update.. i recieved my two 85 watt cfls\'s.. These throw some serious light. Got 1 warm, and 1 cool, and these will be taking the place of the 30 watt cfls covering the right side of my closet space.. Looks like I should have just purchased the 400 watt hps after all... I was afraid of to high a temps though..

    Edit: The 2 plants in the auto pots are drinking 3 times more water feeding on their own as needed then what I have been giving my others to drink in the regular soil pots. I think having the food right at the roots in this system is going to speed up growth quite a bit.. Even though I\'m not running 100% hydro as I\'m using 75% soil 25% perilite it seems that I\'m at least getting faster growth. Look at the 2 day update the plants have taken off
  14. plants looking nicer :) keep it uuuup ! :D

  15. Thanks Nicho69. I plan to keep it up till I harvest me a pound or so:p . I have a hell of a good collection of some pretty good genetics, and strains. I\'ll put a list below, any suggestions for next grow?? I\'m thinking either ppp, ak-48, white rhino, or East Coast Sour Diesel x Williams Wonder.

    So far so good though with these plants.. For 1 week into flower I\'m right where I want to be. All males gone, and my females starting to bud up nicely with no male balls in sight. I have to watch that local strain clone as it has a tendency to self pollanate. I\'m thinking this grow is going to yield me about 4 times what I did my first round in the closet. I\'m loving the Pure Blend Pro Grow & Bloom ferts.. 100% organic, and a very safe Fert. I have fed 3/4 strength with no burn in sight feeding after feeding from 3 week in veg till now. I\'m sure with the Pure Blend Pro anyone could easily grow a few plants from seedling to harvest just with the Pure Blend Pro alone as directed in some potting soil with tap water LOL... It must have a good ph buffer to buffer to 6.0 as I tried it in high ph tap, 7.0 distilled, spring water, and no matter what the ph before adding the Pure Blend Pro after mixing it in it\'s right at 5.8-6.5 ph

    I also got to set my closet up where I can use the smart valve from the auto pots, and flood a 4x2ft space.. The plants in the auto pots are really drinking a hell of a lot more water, and seem to be growing in leaps, and bounds.. I like that I can use both a soil mix or soiless hydro in the system.. Having everything right at the roots as needed is making a hell of a difference in growth.. And since I\'m using Pure Blend Pro 100% organic ferts the buds should be a step up from the hydro taste IMOO.

    What should be next??? I\'m going to take the smart valve out of the auto pot system, and get it to flood the whole 4x2ft closet space for next round. because I really cant feed the plants different amounts of ferts I must pick only 1 or 2 strains for the next grow. I\'m thinking of using the remainder 3 female ice seeds if I like how the harvest is of that this round... I\'m thinking Ice & ECSourDeisel x Williams wonder

    10 Potent Purple from reeferman seeds
    10 seeds East Coast Sour Deisel x williams wonder from resevior seeds
    5 seeds of Blockhead from Spice of life seeds
    5 seeds of northern lights form Nirvana
    3 seeds of White widow from nirvana
    3 seeds of ICE Female seeds
    10 seeds of ak-48
    10 seeds of PPP Pure power Plant from Nirvana
    10 seeds of Blue Mystic from Nirvana
    10 seeds of White Rhino Nirvana
    3 seeds of Sadhu from mandala seeds
    4 c99 x blueberry Cinderella blues from Spice Brothers
    10 seeds of safari mix from mandala
    8 seeds of Hashberry from Mandala
    16 durban poison x skunk from skunkman
  16. It\'s always nice to see a flouro grow. Keep up the good work, Mister Postman.
  17. where did you get & how did you mount/wire those fixtures you are using for the cfls? those would be convenient for me.

    and yeah, I\'m sure your plants are loving the organic ferts. I wish I would\'ve done the same. I went with a dry chemical fert and I hardly used any and it scorched my plants pretty badly. took them forever to pull through it. liquid hydro ferts next grow and going to be a lot more careful...

    p.s. grand, I think he has a 250w HPS. the floros are extra lighting to cover the rest of the space
  18. Get Them!! I got the little adapters at home depot. They screw right into regular bulb fixtures, and make it light 2 bulbs instead of 1. The light itself is just a regular $5 dome shop light from walmart with the dome taken off to allow me to fit the adapters to make it a two bulb light. You can make a pretty sweet cfl fluorescent box hood with these.. Just get a nice rectangle shaped box lined with mylar/foil, and place these adapters in there holding 2 cool, and 2 warm fluorescent cfls side ways.. Then you can just lower and raise the box reflecter as needed. I\'ll be making something like this for my little clone closet when they are rooted.

    And yes there is a 270 watt HPS super agrosun bulb which supposedly provides 15-20% more blue spectrum then the average hps.. I\'d say right now I\'m at about 50/50 with hps/fluorescent lumen output.
  19. can you link me to that $5 dome shoplight? i\'ve been trying to find cheap fixtures but the cheapest i could find were $15-$20 desk lamps

  20. You can find them all over. walmart had them, home depot has them, lowes all under $5-7.. I just did a search under clamp lights and found them here for 5.75. pet stores too will have them
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