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  1. i named this little kitten that when he played with my foot the week i was blinded my wife got him for me to help me take my mind off the pain !four years latter my freind did not come home night before be for last i walked along the side of the raod with my cain looking for him both sides for athousand yard to morrow i while walk twice as far ,he was my cat and my freind, my heart is missing him ,my spirit looks for him as i try to hear his perrrr ,i hope he retruns if not i hope i find his body and give him a grave with in my pet grave yard under a old apple tree i played in when i was kid, i keep checking the door and looking out hopeing he is there ,how he shared his love and kindness openly with me ,only if humans could do so well ! time ticks away for me tonight one min at time ,my spirit knows .... the loss...
  2. rainman! i think "mr.pain" is the cutest name for a cat yet, that is so sweet. i hope you find your lil guy. i remember when our biddy jumped out of our 2nd story kitchen window & was gone for 2 days, i couldn't sleep and left our door open w/ food out until he came home. knowing he jumped out the window i was afraid he was hurt and hiding!!! i went around our neighborhood at all hours of the night whispering his name and looking under bushes, and he came home when he was good and ready!

    i hope mr.pain comes home soon too! if not, maybe he got scooped up by another family who doesn't know he's yours, and is being loved as you speak.
    best of luck finding your little companion~~
  3. my step son let him in this morning before i got up and there he was i petted him for 20 mins than he went to the door and wanted out i love him to much to keep him jailed, so dum me let him out again may be i have smoked too much!lol but my dad allways told me to treat my pets as members of my family or as i would like someone too treat me !and i remember and live what i learn !and yes some times he is a real mr pain !smileing and lol ,good luck tazz11
  4. i always treat my pets like members of the family too, biddy gets to ALWAYS taste what mama's cooked for dinner.

    he really HATES vegetables. but really LIKES potato chips. he only gets but one taste of anything though, i don't want to hurt him with human food or make him fat, and he's usually cool with just a taste.

    i'm glad to hear that mr.pain is alive and well! sometimes cats just have to go out and romp the "wild" out of themselves! :) sure beats tearing up the furniture, lol!
    i'm sure he'll be back once again hehe
  5. he likes raviolis in tomato & meat sauce and if he dont get at lest a half can ,he'll drive me nuts !i think he may be spoild! na !
  6. us, spoil our cats?!?!?!

    NEVER!!! :D :eek: :) ;)
  7. i don't want to hurt him with human food or make him fat


    Don't you remember that post forever ago about the shit they put in pet food?

    P.s. fat cats are the best there easy to catch. My cats a sneaky little fucker ;)
  8. some times he thinks he owns the place and my bed too ! i think one of these days i 'll look and their his name well be on my land deeds!i open the door more times adayfor him than i do for my wife and thats bad gals!he's a happy ball of fur thou! not fat at all ,he has to stay fit for the gals you know ,he allmost had me talked in to puting in one of those doggy doors tell i found out i was being sucker !one meow and i love the little shit twice much !lol ,good luck tazz11
  9. my cat rules the roost around here. she'll kick you out of any chair she wants. if she wants treats and i'm sleeping, she'll wake me up. ever had your eyelids licked by a cat? it's pretty hard to ignore.

    isis is so spoiled - treats and toys and love-ns. but how can u resist when she feels like a silk puffalump?
  10. i know what you mean i got a cat and a dog and the cat just bitches the dog around...they get in little fights and the cat beats the shit out of my old stupid cocker spaniel...

    yeah i think of em as like members of the family, they all sleep on my bed with me unless I got company :) Whenever I buy pizza I never eat all of it so I give her a few slices too...She's a daily smoker too :)
  11. cool ,my wifes chihuahua likes eating the freash new leafs mostly just the small ones ! lol and when she gets a buzz she starts acting three times her size fake fighting and barking and playing, we lol tell are side herts!i think if any thing happens to me ,she'll start growing med weeds her self !lol ,good luck tazz11
  12. My old cat was a weasel - he had 8 brothers and sisters and when they were all suckling he'd drain one teat at a time, knocking the other littler kittens out of the way! He grew to be pretty dang big and his mother was always so shy to people but when he'd try to steal her food, they'd have a boxing match on their hind legs and she'd always kick his ass hehe.
  13. Aw, hope ya find him man! Just go smoke a bowl, maybe he'll smell it and come home =) haha.
  14. this topic is depresing to me........thats sad..... :(

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