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  1. Any info on walkabout? I have been checking the search function and its yeilded nothing. I mean any information on strains? I have seen their genetics in action and was looking to just pick up a pack of those to add to an outdoor grow. I was going to go with Next Gens Timewarp just because I know what I am getting and its proven in cold climates. I mean at this point I dont care but its hard not to go with walkabout (18) vs Timewarp (5) seed wise. Well anyway does anyone know anything about walkabout other than the description on attitude? Anyone ever grown it?

  2. Only that MR Nice normally use top genetics if its for outdoor look into KC Brains seeds
  3. my buddy germs his walkabout indoors and then brings em outside in 10-15 gallon smart pots. the only thing thats a shame is when he finds a male in the group..

    they usual tend to be longer flowering sativas but end up yielding a pound or more each and usually very dank. once in awhile theres an indica in the bunch that stays shorter than the others but bushes out creates large + dense nugs. your in for a treat with walkabout because the variety and quality of the genetics.
  4. Thanks thats what I do typically but I put them in the ground. Thats kind of a hinderance because my climate doesnt allow for a long flowering season. Thanks anyway ill probably get a pack and see what happens

  5. Hey I'm growing WA (provide pictures soon), 16 survived (I killed 2 because they're weak & slow haha).. anyways 12 plants looks mostly indica with short big fat fan leaves.. hmmm I wonder what happens to all those sativa dominate plants.. from what I see it's mostly skunk heritage/strains.. but let it grow and we can tell later..
  6. i wouldnt do that if i were you
  7. so is walkabout from MR.NICE just a bunch of random seeds??
    or is it a strain?? im not really sure bout it haha
  8. It is a mix

  9. mix of diffrent strains?

  10. Yes, different strains.
    "selection of mixed outdoor varieties"
    "range of early finishes and a few late flowers"
  11. I would think they are extra seeds created when trying to create new strains. They probably don't grow out every seed so this is an economical way to get some money to pay for that testing. They save money by not tracking exactly what is what and pass this savings on to you by offering cheaper seeds. Additionally if they are first or second gen the gene expression would vary to a degree it wouldn't matter much if you knew anyway. Mandala offers the same thing under the name "Safari Mix". You could probably grow them indoors, but you would probably not want to veg anymore than 4 weeks due to height potential.
  12. Mr Nice Seeds is awesome. 18 regular seeds which look extremely healthy and are much larger in comparison to any other seeds I've paid for. I saw pictures of their grow ops on their site and read about the Medicine Man and Great White Shark before I bring them outdoors. I read that the Walkabout is a mixture of Limited Edition Shantibaba's and original old school genetics from old seeds grown out recently to preserve the integrity and bring back the strength of "old school pot" -- either way I CANT WAIT till i can harvest because I only read great things about Mr Nice. I wouldn't hesitate on pulling the trigger on walkabout if thats the type of thing your looking for.. the price can't be beat and the quality is probably superior to anything in its price range.
  13. hey im very curious bout which seed bank you all get ur mr.nice seeds from.

    hempdepot sells them very expensive...but its a mail order so no hassle with prepaid cards. ALSO they only do 15 seed packs.(are they suppost to be 18 seeds per pack?)
    shipping is only 5 bucks for u.s

    cheapest place i think is attitude. also they sell 18 seed packs.

    EDIT sells for 10 bucks cheaper.but 15 seed packs.(i dont know if 15 pack is legit?)
    al i dont know how much shipping is for the u.s if neone can answer ty so much
  14. bump anyone have experience in growing other strains of mr.nice??
    more specifically mr.nice's devil strain?
  15. Talk to me !!!!
  16. Dont buy any Mr. Nice seeds from a secondary distrubutor. Go to the Mr. Nice website and Email Shantibabi directly. Just ask for an up to date seed and price guide. They do ship them out you just have to ask. Register on their forum for a discount on your order. Thats what I did for my Medicine Man and Black Widow. You are also going to get the freshest seed stock.
  17. You'll also have access to strains that you wont find in the online banks, like nl5xhaze and others...
  18. so just go on their website and click the contact us link??
    what was the method of payment?? paypal,mail order,creditcard? can you tell me the process plz. you can PM me if u want. ty
  19. i got the dreamtime mix which is a quicker flowering mix from Mr. Nice...however i am sitting on them for the right time.


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