Mr. nice Walkabout mix, or mandala safari mix?

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    I'm strapped for cash this year, so I won't be able to buy my usual "expensive" (not really expensive, but definitely not cheap) seeds, so I'm going with one of these outdoor mixes. Problem is I cant decide which to buy.
  2. hey i know this is kinda late, but i bought a mandala safari mix, out of the entire packet of 20 that i planted, 17 germed (using mandala's preferred method of germination) and so far all of them are good sturdy seedlings. i'm planning on picking up the walkabout just to see
  3. Tough call, Mr Nice is my favorite breeder for regs but Manadal are also awesome. I'd get the Walkabout but I have never ordered either of them :smoke:
  4. The walkabout mix from MNS is reported to lean towards sativa hybrids, if that helps you make a choice at all. There is also the Dreamtime Mix from MNS, which is another mix pack that leans more towards the indica side of hybrids.

    Mandala is highly recommended, but I haven't had experience with them. The Med man and Early skunk that I've grown thus far have thus far been sexy plants.
  5. mandalas safari mix is brilliant, but it's monsoon here and i thought i'd protected my seedlings, apparently not, and i'm left with fucking 2. none the less, good strong seedlings, but my monsoons here are violent

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