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Mr. Nice Guy

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smoke and chill, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Never again.

    Anyone else have any bad experiences?
  2. I had over the top, shit had me combing my hair and it sounded like i was ripping ym skin off and it felt like it kind of in a mental high way but i didnt see any blood.

    I also felt like my balls were goign to fall off. Crazy shit.
  3. Hate it. Will never try it again + any other kind of synth. weed.

    Btw, i'm from Syracuse too :D

  4. Word?
  5. I had this one synth, it was called "hightimes".
    Since im on probation thats what i smoked for like 3 weeks til it got banned. Hands down greatest shit, like super energized pot. Looked like pot, one hit merked you skull , but in a greaaaat way. Got red eyes, and munchies like a bitch ! Only downside was it only lasted about 45 mins
  6. No bad experiences, only good ones. :)
  7. Dude never smoke synthetic weed. I'm from Rochester woot woot.
  8. Mr. nice guy is straight, though i've had better.
  9. It's all about that king krypto
  10. The only time I tryed mr nice guy was the worst high I ever had. Had severe stomach pains and felt like I was dying. My friend started coughing up blood. So ya never again
  11. Smoked a fat bowl of this shit a while back when I first got into weed, thinking it would be similar, and I got a horrible headache and passed out on my bed for 3 hours, woke up feeling like shit for the rest of the day. Don't mess with it.
  12. Cmon guys, you don't know how to read but you can type?!?!? In the disclaimer to make all discussion of any other drug besides marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine is illegal on the site.


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