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Mr Nice g13 x hash plant?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bigtg, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. If i was going to buy this from, how difficult would it be for me to grow it in soil? like what are the chances of it dying, i have pro-mix bx, i think it came in a black bag. and also does this weed give you a spacey high?
  2. i dont know much about growing it but mr. nice is my fav srain for the most part... everytime i smoke it i get the same feeling like when i walk i'm moving really fast but almost hovering... has happened everytime i smoke it.. crazy shit
  3. i would start by looking up optimum grow conditions on the site. promix is ok but u should really think about looking into a nice easy mix that has a nice balance of the "goodies" plants need to grow.
  4. hmmm, all high end genetic plants are picky about growth environment, so i would recommend doing a trial run before i pruchase something of that quality. if you have growing experience on the other hand good luck with everything :smoke:
  5. I've had and posted pics of this thread, not sure about growing it, but it is fantastic.
  6. I would ask this guestion in one of the grow forums just to be sure:)

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