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    Hey all, this is my first grow so I am sure that I am going to need help at some point. I figure it will be easier to have a working journal so if the SHTF I will have the grow info logged already.

    Seed is a single Blue Mystic Feminized from Nirvana.
    I am growing in a tall rubbermaid cabinet.
    Homemade 5 Gal. bubble bucket with two 5" air-stones.
    Lighting is 125 total watts of 5600k CFL. 6 Bulbs total.
    Nutes will be Botanicare for veg and bloom.
    4" PC fan blowing on the plant.
    9" house fan venting out the top of the cabinet.
    Temps seem to hover around 80-85 degrees. Humidity stays around 70-80% (This data is from a trial run running the system overnight to check for problems. I am sure these numbers will change.)

    I started germinating last night an I will be putting the seed into rockwool as soon as I am done with this post.
    Pics to follow.

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Thanks mate! This is my first go round so I will be thrilled to get an ounce! Haha! Hell, I will be happy to get a single bowls worth! As long as I learn something!
  3. haha thats great and i hope you do learn something and sure that ull encounter something to make the grow that much better but most of it's common sense and trial and error id say
  4. She already has her head up. How long should I wait to put her in the bubble bucket? I was going to wait until the first true leaves opened up or I see roots outside the rockwool.
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    Just put her into the hydroton. Saw a tiny bit of a root tip showing out of the bottom of the cube so I figured, what the hell. I filled the bubble bucket with water at 5.8 Ph, dropped the light low and we will see how it goes. She does look kind of funny now, up to her neck in pebbles!
    Baby photos: She looks far less impressive in person...
  6. Looking great! GL with the grow. :D
  7. Thanks Freedom!

    Trying to leave it alone today and just let it do what it wants. I filled the bubble bucket up, to the bottom of the netpot. Just to see if it teases those roots out a little faster. I figure if it reached the bottom of the rockwool in a day, it should be emerging out of the netpot in 2-3 days. Fingers crossed.
    Temps 86 f
    Humidity 55%

    Started a poll about a possible outdoor grow if anyone is interested:
  8. i would say its always better to have a good root form rather than now as have had issues with hydroponics with not sufficient root ball and the clone dyed. do you have a pictre of the bubble bucket or?
  9. [​IMG]

    The black loops on top of the bucket lid are for when I LST it later, so I have something to tie to.
  10. I like the makeshift hood man :D Thanks for shareing
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    Thanks Hypeshot! I like to think I am pretty handy.

    In other news, This grow is killing me!!!:eek: I feel like weeks have gone by, when it has only been days! I see all the great plants on here and I want SO BAD for mine to shoot up like a rocket. I have NO patience. :rolleyes:
    She is a little over an inch from one leaf tip to the other and I don't have any roots under my netpot yet. I have been putting a few tbsp. of water on the rockwool twice a day to keep it moist as I have no idea how much moisture the roots are able to reach.
    Maybe I will throw a pic up a little later..

    It is now a little later... so:
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    I am into week 2 now and the 2nd leafset is starting. Seems slow. :confused: I keep waiting for a big explosion of growth, and wondering, "maybe the rockwool needs more water" followed by, "maybe I am giving it too much water". Ugh... :devious:
    Talk you stupid plant! Just tell me what you want!!!:(

    Also been thinking about a SCROG and LST. I need to harvest in mid Nov. and I am worried it will put me back too late. Any thoughts on that???
  13. OK, so maybe it isn't so slow after all. I have a few roots showing now and the 2nd leaf-set is opening up nicely. I feel like such a micro-manager...
  14. nice your setup is tight
  15. Seeds take quite awhile to mature and really kick into action , Soon man =)
  16. nice setup, cant wait to see how your BM turns out, +rep
  17. Props on the hood u got a sweet setup cant wait to see end results:smoke:
  18. :wave: Thanks for checking in everyone! I hope to have a new pic up later today.
  19. *In a cool announcer voice* "Later, that same day..."

    I am glad to report that she looks like she is doing well. The 2nd set of leaves has opened up like a big set of solar panels, and, as you can see, the start of the 3rd set is clearly visible. The roots are starting to pop out like crazy as well. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes this well. I have noticed that one airstone is slacking, but I have extras and will replace it tonight.
    I am a happy guy!!!


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