Mr. Marijuana Seed Breeder Man

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  1. Mr. Marijuana Seed Breeder Man

    The Phantom Presents Real People of Genius
    (Real People of Genius)

    Today we salute you, Mr. Marijuana Seed Breeder Man.
    (Mr. Marijuana Seed Breeder Man)

    Some people like it old school, you like it when you get to come up with a funny name for a strain.
    (I don't like simplicity)

    Nothing says "Double Strained Weed" like Super Lemon Haze.
    (Fuck just regular haze!)

    Some people stick to one single strain weed. You cross pollinate and come up with a super strain.
    (Let's talk cross breeding)

    So cross that grape rhino with that lemon haze, get your grape lemonade O' Marijuana Casanova. Your names may sound funny, but there's nothing funny about your strains.
    (Mr. Marijuana Seed Breeder Man)

    :bongin: :bongin:
  2. LOL i did not get this at first, but now I do. Thanks for the laugh.
  3. that was great +rep
  4. Oh, I've never heard one of those...But I get it now.
  5. thanks for stoppin by for the laughs everyone.
    look me up from time to time as I'll be writing more... I actually have another one Mr./Ms Marijuana Grower (link below)

    where have you been ChillinSmoke?... haha j/k

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