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  1. Whats up everyone! Ive been wanting to get this up for a long time now but Ive been crazy busy tryin to get all my crops in order here this season. Everything is from seed and guerilla grown except for a few that I keep close to me that I can pamper. These will be the ones that I will try to keep a journal of. This is my first time actually documenting everything and I think it will be a great experience but more importantly to learn from others and share what we love to do with each other. Alright as for the grow I will get you up to date on them. The Lowryder 2, free diesel and was ordered from The Attitude, May 11th received them May 16th,…May 20 seeds sprout, today they are 15 days old. At first I germinated 6 and then a week later the other 4. Out of the first 6 right now I have 3 females and they showed yesterday and 2 males earlier today ,the other Im waiting…The other 4 are doin fine except for 1 that grew starters leaves together like Siamese twins so I tried to snip it to split them and it didn't work out so well for baby lowryder so I just pinched the top and Im leaving it outside to see what happens.The G13 Labs Diesel and Lisa Marie(sour elvis) are the same age as the baby lowryders so 8 days. The Kush seeds will be sprouted by morning and I have 3 of those, they should be fun, I'll get some pics of those and keep them up to date. In the magical forrests I have my Afghani x Skunk, this is a plant that has grown around here in the Northeast for over 15 years, it grows quickly, flowers fast about 6-7 weeks .stays pretty short has a high yield., its so skunky it makes you almost vomit if your in a room with it after harvest., there are numerous grows with this strain and not all have been documented, they will be the ones that look like a guerilla grow…they have been beaten and abused by mother nature and her beloved creatures so to me and my partner we say only the strong survive so the ones that don't thrive get recycled. I'll upload as much as I can to give you guys an idea, some will be from a few days ago until now. Enjoy guys, there will be a lot to look at soon enough Ive been busy tryin to get them in the ground ;P
    Lowryder #2
    G13 Labs Diesel
    Sour Elvis(Lisa Marie)from bag
    Kush (not sure which particular variant)
    Afghani x Skunk
    Soils and other ingredients that I use :
    Organic Ocean Compost
    3 year composted cow manure
    Peat Humus
    Pine Island black dirt…dinosaur remains
    Bionicare Pro veg/flower/sweet
    Water :
    Poland Spring Water reg/distilled
    with Bionicare
    PH:Test kit is a must have…I keep a very balanced ph at 6


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  2. great looking start bro!

    Best of luck to you!

  3. wow looks fantastic! very well thought out, especially compared to mine haha. but good luck man.
  4. I see why you call yourself that. They look well, magical. Nice going! :smoke:
  5. nice looking plants,looks like a nice happy l;ittle family .
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    Whats up guys, Thanks everyone for the comments. A little update, starting with the lowryder 2, the oldest ones were given a ¼ strength dosage of Botanicare Pro Bloom on day 15 and they did not like it at all, almost immediately they reacted so I would say lesson learned on that, I would wait till the fourth week until adding blooming ferts or anything for the next ones. They thrived in a straight organic ocean compost with perlite and that’s what I would recommend for these guys. Ok and the other lowryders that are a week behind are doin just fine and I’ll get some pics of them for my next update along with the Sour Elvis and G13 Diesel and the 3 Kush seedlings. Some news on my guerilla grows, ive been attacked by deer again and this years loss so far is at 20 plants destroyed or eaten by the deer. Some pics are posted of the half eaten plants with a couple of my other guerilla grows, still tryin to get pics of . A lil bit of a smoke report from here in NY, there has been a lot of Jack Herer goin around and it is amazing, such a unique flavor and smell an enjoyable uplifting , energentic high. Took me 2 days to smoke a gram. I’ll get some pics of that on my next run. But here I just took a pic of some OG Kush, I got from a private grower that wont give up a clone or seed but he donated to me a few buds, we don’t really get too much Kush out here in NY , mostly hazes and diesels. I smoked a joint of this to the head and I can see why this is so popular among medical patients. I cant describe the high but I can really only say that I felt MEDICATED in some way. The smell is nice I guess with a lemony,piny and maybe a oily fishy smell, the taste is nice and smooth with just a slightly sharp aftertaste, I also smoked this is combination with some hash so a proper smoke I cant do. I kinda wanna say OG Kush is overated but I will smoke it for a few more days and give a proper smoke report. Anyways heres some pics.:smoking:

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  7. sup?so what do you think went wrong with the fert was it the type they didnt like or the amount you gave them 1/4 too strong then.sorry about the deer getting your plants i know how you feel ive lost hundreds of plants to them over the years and it pisses you off just as much everytime,might try some human hair just a little piece hung up around them should keep out the deer .as far as the og kush never had it but im not a big fan of the medicated type high id rather the herer and the sativa buzz personaly.:smoking:
  8. Hey Destroyer, concerning the fert I think it comes down to them just not being ready, I would definetly wait until the 4th week to fert next go round on these lowryder 2s. The deer are out of control here in NY, for my guerilla grows the all have a high fencing and plenty on human urine but still not enough, I think Im goin to take a trip to the barber and ask for some floor hair and spread that shit all around my grow areas. I smoked the Kush again last nite and through the early morning hours, I still feel the same about it so yeah OVERated the buds are really pretty light green with a heavy coating of crystals,the picture does not do it justice. The Jack Herer might go down in my top 5 list, an amazing specimen of cannabis with a high that works for me through the daytime hours. Anywho thanks again guys...time to wake and bake :wave:
  9. yeah magic i useually wait at least two weeks to begin ferts or until the seedling stage is over.the human hair definatly works ive used it for 15 years ,but every once in a while they still get a few .
  10. High Mr. Magic! I have read about ferts and the auto's. They don't seem to like them. I'm going to add the nutrients very cautiously.

    Your grow looks fantastic, so how do they look now? Hmmm? :p
  11. hey magic where ya at main?just wondering how your babies are doing now, and if you tried out the hair method, and if it helped. holla back let us know ya not locked up or some shit later bro,the destroyer.
  12. sup magic been awhile thought id stop in and see if ya got anything going yet.well later man.
  13. What's up Magic?:confused:
  14. Whats up guys, sorry been gone for a minute with work and such. Ive got a shitload of pics to post but i have to sort thru them so in the meantime im postin some of the pics before some lowryder 2s were harvested. When i get some time i'll share my experiences with the lowryder 2s. I heavily seeded 2 of them and those are the ones posted, i got over 200 seeds from the 2 and i have about 160 seedlings already started from that batch. I'll start postin more about the rest of the crops when i get some time til next week. But i will say briefly that the G13 labs Diesel has impressed the shit outa me, over 6 feet tall now and prolly 5 ft around amazing growth and the sour elvis is just a bit shorter and stockier but is lookin pretty. later guys:smoke:

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  15. Those buds are huge brah, OMG craziness
  16. dude those buds look so dank! +rep
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    Hey it's good to see you Magic :)

    :eek: OMG! They are B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! This is like the first I've seen this season like this. You have so many plants. Where are they in the process?

    Keep those awesome frosty pictures coming when you have the time. NICE.

    The GC bud parade has begun! :D
  18. Whats up guys! Tonite i am looking for some info and i cant think of a better place to ask...About 3 weeks ago i got this small clone, maybe 9" from a mystery mother plant that i did not see. I do not know what kind of weed it is but it is growing strange and rediculously fast and vigourus but flowering verrry slow with a verry intense skunky diesly smell. So Im asking the random people who stop by here HAVE you seen a plant like this before and recognize the genetics???? It is obvious that it has sativa like leaves but im getting some interesting variations in the leaves as you will be able to see in the pictures below. I hope somebody can help me. I plan on taking a few clones from this in a couple days because i think there is summin special here. I have other news to report I took 4 clones from the G13 labs Diesel about 3 days ago used Olivias cloning gel,and made a bubble cloner im not expecting roots at least for another 5-10 days but i think with the G13 in it i am hoping this will help alot with the cloning process. I plan on bring them back to veg for about 6 weeks and then re-flower them. I also got a nice clone from a bud of mine of some strain he got from holland awhile back its a mix of skunk#1 x blueberry, he's been growing this strain for 10 years and has breed it for the blueberry qualities, grows bushy with very dense and large buds that flowers quick he says most are done at 50-60 so maybe i'll continue with that... I'll get a pic of that next time as well as recent pics of the sour elvis and g13 labs diesel. On a side note id like to know more about this g13 labs and this Diesel anybody else growing it?? The Sour Elvis turned hermie on me and is living next door to my diesel so any advice on that...? I just got 2 more sour elvis seeds ive started to germ these seeds are hard for me to get and i can almost guarantee they are only coming from the plants that herm themselves and polinate others so i think finding a true female is goin to be hard as these seeds are limited to about 12 every 2 months. Im goin to keep tryin til i get it because the smoke is fuckin phenomenal and I love the sour taste! Im goin to catch up to all this soon in the next few days guys! :smoke:

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  19. Looking good Magic. :hello:

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