Mr. Ghetto Tobacco Pipe Maker

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  1. Mr Ghetto “Tobacco Pipe” Maker

    The Phantom Presents Real People of Genius
    (Real People of Genius)

    Today we salute you Mr. Ghetto “Tobacco Pipe” Maker
    (Mr. Ghetto “Tobacco Pipe” Maker)

    Without you, our lungs would be filled with harsh tobacco paper products
    (DAMN that shit is harsh!)

    You answer the question “What can I really do in art class?”
    (Don’t need another ashtray)

    Some people just drink a bottle of liquor, you not only drink the bottle, you make a smoking device out of it.
    (Drinking and getting high is fun!)

    Throw together some PVC piping and a rubber hose, size 3 inch ratchet piece, and some screening from a facet and what do you got? A ghetto bong, now hit that shit!
    (What the fuck am I smoking out of?)

    So melt and weld, screw and make it air tight, nothing says “I’m ghetto-riffic” like you
    (Mr. Ghetto “Tobacco Pipe” Maker)
  2. i like these things keep them coming

  3. Thanks wyant17!

    Happy Growing
    The Phantom

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