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    This morning I decided I would move a short journal I did on producing seed over to GC.

    First I start out with male that has been sexed in flower, this is our donor for this experiment;


    After roughly 10 days from being sexed I can see the male pollen sacks growing larger. I remove the male plant from the flower area and top the plant leaving myself 8-10 inches of plant. The more tops you take the more pollen you are going to produce.

    Materials needed at this point.
    A few small coffee cups with lids
    A few sheets of thick photo paper
    A Knife
    A Pair of scissors
    Scotch Tape
    And Water

    Using the photo paper, scissors, and scotch tape I create small 5"x5" trays. You will want to cut and bend the paper to form small sides to create the trays. Once you have the tray finished you will use a knife to stab the tray two times to form an "X" where the plant will be inserted.

    Fill your coffee cups with water and ensure there is a hole big enough for the stem in the lid. Place the tray you created on top the coffee cup lid and insert your male top through the tray and lid into the cup of water.

    Here is a picture of where we currently are;


    I then move the tops back to my veg area. The tops will continue to flower normally under 24/0 or 20/4. I assume this is the case because they have not had enough time to adjust to the new light cycle.

    Here are some shots of mine growing;


    After about 10 days and one refill of the coffee cup with water the tops will begin to drop pollen in the trays. After about 14 days I harvest the pollen. Its a good idea to flick the top lightly with your finger to shake loose any remaining pollen from the top. I collect both the pollen and the fallen pollen sacks from the trays and place everything in a small film case. I place the film case inside a ziplock bag and put it in the fridge to be stored.

    To pollinate the female I dump a small amount of the pollen and sacks into non ziplock baggie. I twist the pollen up in a corner and seal with a twisty tie like so;


    I take the bag with pollen and a second twisty tie to the flower area. I cover the bud I want to pollinate with the baggie and use the second tie to secure the bottom half of the bag.

    Here is a poor shoot of the bud before;


    Her is a shot of the bud with baggie on top and second twisty tie securing the bottom of the baggie.


    When you are ready untwist the pollen side of the baggie shaking it on the plant and leave everything as is. I would also like to suggest you turn off all of your ventilation. It might be a good idea todo this before the night cycle so you can leave your fans off.

    That brings us current 1/29. I will post pictures as the bud hopefully takes and begins forming seeds over the next 2-3 weeks.


    Day 3

    I removed the plastic baggie after 24 hours and I think everything looks good. The white hairs are starting to react and are noticeably different. Looks like a good sign to me.



    Day 11

    Not the best photo but here is where we are with the WW bud. Sorry I will not be able to get any better shots for a few days. The photo is not bad, take a look. I put some lines in there as to where it appears seeds are growing.

    Not The best.jpg
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    And we are done. Here is the last day of life for this bud;


    Honestly at this point I was still a little skeptical. In its final weeks the seeds were near impossible to spot.

    Here are the last two;


    Sorry the last pictured sucked, but you can see seeds. I counted roughly 25 great looking ones with maybe 5 under developed and lost maybe 3.

    In conclusion, TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. One other observation I made was the pollen off the plant FLYS. Pollen out of the camera case in the freezer dried out for 20 minutes not so much.

    Best of luck :)

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  3. Nice post Bubbles. What happens to the pollen when taking off the bag? Do you mist the bag to trap the excess or something? My assumption would be that when removing the bag you aren't afforded the luxury of containment, as when applying. Just curious how pollen containment is achieved during the bag removal. Thanx.
    +rep for a sweet little guide.
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    There are no worries when removing the bag after a day or two. Since the bag is zip tied around the stem covering the bud you get a TON of moisture build up. There is nothing cable of flying and what is left is wet so there is no need to mist as you have likely seen in other guides. I have done this three times and not so much as seen a SINGLE seed on any other bud than the one I pollinated.

    Thanks for the REP :)

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