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"Mr. 20 Bags"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokeitdown, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. #1 Smokeitdown, Feb 23, 2009
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    So I don't normally post in Seasoned, or any of the usage forums for that matter, but I thought I'd share my anger. I have like 3 different "connects" but recently one of them moved, so I'm down to two.

    Now one more is dry and I'm left with Mr. 20 Bags. Everyones favorite dealer. Only sells dimes and 20's. And his 20's are .8 tops. Good shit, but light. I'm by NYC so thats basically typical for this area, but a pain in the ass nonetheless.

    Unfortunately, I just ran dry and will have to go get a "20" of his bud to hold me over til my weight connect is good. Such a pain in the ass.

    Anyone else ever get stuck with Mr. 20 bags
  2. ughh i feel ya dogg.. im in nj so everyone loves selling there .8 "dubs" for 20... or 6 of em for 100... fuckin 100 bucks for less then 5g's doesnt fly right with me
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  3. lol, I wont lie, I had 1 connect for the longest time in highschool. (mr. 20 bag lol) untill i found another. Man, i hated light 20 bags, like seriously, who jips on a 20 bag? lol
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  4. word up yo, .7s to .8s is the regular for those pushin' NJ dubs.

    I think it's just a tri-state thing, cause i don't hear that kind of ridiculous shit anywhere else

  5. Im here in Rhode Island and I see it somtimes. .7 for 20 I would never buy no matter how good. Thats only like one joint. My boy givves me 1.3 for 20 usually of good stuff but still...Im getting sick of not getting bulk and having to buy from "mr.20 bag" haha, I dont have any mid connects and need some! haha cant wait till summer so I can smoke dank w/ job money and smoke mids of what I grow haha
  6. AYO if you go town to washington heights in the city you can get some good 20 bags they run about 1.2-1.4 grams not bad.....Last time i went down there for a quick 20 i got purple haze and it came out to 1.2 grams not bad.
  7. Haha I'm not about that kinda shit. I used to do shady shit like that til I got stuck for 100 bucks. I'm reluctant to try new delivery services either. There were a few delivery services in my part of town that went sour and stuck up all their customers in one night for like 5 grand. I like to keep it simple now with my few connects and one delivery service I know is legit, if I have to.
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    I totally here ya man, I hate when my good connect isn't around for weight and I'm stuck with the kid who thinks he's lil wayne or something selling .8 bags of dank just to tide me over... unacceptable IMO... but stay high none the less :smoking:
  9. lol you can definitely find .8 20 sacks in abundance in georgia..
  10. i too am from nj and have noticed this bullshit. .75-.9 for $20 is some bogus ass shit..
  11. #11 ChiefBlazealot, Feb 23, 2009
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    Christ, I pushed for a bit and I would NEVER fuck someone over. If a customer had a scale, then I would be out that customer forever.

    I'd pick up a half that would really be like 13.4 so I'd smoke 1 and sell 12 gs and hook up 2 or 3 bags with .1 extra. Kept people hittin me up. I mean really, normally people would sesh with me too so there' NO reason to fuck people over damn....
  12. I would tell that ass straight up to stop shorting me...
    I'd be hella pissed
  13. My dealer won't sell anything less than 1/8s for $50.
    But Mr. 20 bags would piss me off too.
  14. You picked up an O that was 13.4g? Thats like 15g short dude wtf?

  15. hah you read my mind man, how do you get jipped half an O and not say something/notice
  16. no one aroudn here fucks with anything cept g, 1/2 1/8th, 1/8th 1/4 etc..., bags aint by price there by weight, adn its like a standard price, dont even need ta ask
  17. That sucks, I hate those dealers. I prefer the opposite, men that won't sell less than zips. My one guy, I've never been to his house and spent less than a K.
  18. You bring 1000 bucks to his house? In cash?

    Thats a damned good way to get yourself robbed man. Hope you trust this guy.

    I agree tho, buying in bulk gets you the best deals, most good stuff is like 12-15/g around here, if you buy in grams, buy an O or more tho, and the price drops to like 8$/g
  19. 20 bags around these parts weigh 1.7+ 20 bags makes me happy :)
  20. cheifblazealot shit man ur gettin robbed by half n o shit ......... yea these kinda idiots piss me off hardcore but shit usually i get 1.2gs 4 20 ........ but yea this bud is so potent im satisfied kali kronik smoin a bowl right now ...... have fun n toke all day everyday

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