MPP Nevada's $10,000 challenge

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  1. MPPNV spokesperson Dave Schwartz appears at a press conference announcing a challenge to Nevada residents. MPP has offered a $10,000 prize to anyone who can disprove three scientifically supported statements that show marijuana is safer than alcohol. This segment was aired KLAS-CBS 8 Las Vegas. 09/23/2009

    [ame=]YouTube - MPP Nevada's $10,000 Challenge 09/23/2009[/ame]
  2. This will turn a few heads. If the money was in the millions it would make headline news.
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    The drug counselor has a STUPID counter-point. Just about all of her negative "effects" are caused by PROHIBITION. She's arguing against legalization, because bad things happen to you when you're caught breaking the law. Well no shit sherlock, that's why we want the goddamned laws changed! There is no way in hell you can compare the two, one is socially and legally acceptable (drink as much alcohol as you want, even if you get caught driving you'll get a smaller sentence than if you were a pothead) while the other is neither.

    These drug counselors are a fucking joke, they're more delusional than any intoxicated person
  4. thats quite a good idea, especially with hard times people would think it would be easy money by what they are told by the LIVE ABOVE POT commercials hgahaha. damn i wish the old cbs and abc news wasnt so biased on what they want on air. gotta love how ironic america is.
  5. Yeah I'm happy that they have even aired it.

    And that counsellour at the end is the most ridiculous thing ever. Is she a human version of reefer madness?

  6. hopefully society is enlightened enough to see through propaganda like that
  7. Las Vegas needs to legalize bud.

    Maybe it could help our economy.

    Bring the Cannabis Cup to Vegas.

  8. Didn't they try something like that a few years back? (It wasn't the CC, but some newly established competition/tradeshow. It ended up being a disaster because someone stole all of the pot I think, haha.

    Think I read that in High Times, Nov. 06.
  9. QFT, haha you stole the words right out of my mouth. Once I heard that dumbass drug counselor open her lips I just let the word go through one ear and out the other. Like you said all of her arguments were about prohibition. It destoys lives, families, etc. BECAUSE IT'S ILLEGAL. God, people like that don't deserve to even speak.

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