MPP Files Complaint Against Drug Czar

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  1. By Benjamin Grove
    Source: Las Vegas Sun

    White House drug czar John Walters misused his authority by campaigning against the Nevada ballot initiative that would have legalized possession of up to 3 ounces of marijuana, a pro-pot group alleged in a complaint Wednesday.
    The Washington-based Marijuana Policy Project, the primary force behind the defeated measure, filed its complaint with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel. The counsel is the investigative body that enforces the Hatch Act, which restricts political activity of executive branch employees.

    The group wants Walters fired from his high-profile job. The group also said Walters violated Nevada campaign finance law by not filing a campaign report. Group officials asked the Nevada secretary of state's office to fine him up to $5,000.

    "Walters conducted a campaign of lies against Question 9, using the taxpayers' money to spread misinformation," the group's executive director Robert Kampia said.

    Nevada drew national attention for its ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The Marijuana Policy Project was active in campaigning for the initiative, which voters rejected 61 percent to 39 percent.

    After the election Walters praised voters for rejecting ballot measures in Arizona, Nevada and Ohio that would have legalized or decriminalized marijuana possession.

    Walters visited Nevada twice -- in July and October -- to speak against the measure.

    A Walters spokeswoman today said the group's complaint was nothing more than a "publicity stunt" to appease donors who had helped the group conduct the campaign. U.S. code specifically directs the drug czar to oppose legalizing drugs, spokeswoman Jennifer de Vallance said.

    "The claims are baseless," de Vallance said. "They are looking for a boogey man to point the finger and lay blame. The voters of Nevada recognized that this was a bad deal for them and they acted."

    Complete Title: Marijuana Project Files Complaint Against Drug Czar

    Source: Las Vegas Sun (NV)
    Author: Benjamin Grove
    Published: December 05, 2002
    Copyright: 2002 Las Vegas Sun, Inc.

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