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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. hey i was just wodering a couple of questions....

    1/what do you drive.....make, model, engine size?
    2/ how many miles do you get to the gallon?
    3/ where do you come from? and how much is fuel there?

    here's mine....

    1/ Toyota Carolla 1.3l
    2/approx 46
    3/ £0.79 per litre....= approx $1.25 per litre

    Peace out.....Sid
  2. i have a 78 dodge aspen with a slant 6 in it. i don't know how many miles to the gallon it gets 'cause it won't pass inspection (i'm too lazy to put the work into it)... i'm from PA (in the U.S. for our foreign friends), and gass here is $1.65+ a gallon (regular unleaded).
  3. lol...i like it.....Peace out....Sid
  4. honda civic don't know the engine size

    30 something m/g

    just filled my tank for 1.52/gal
  5. man you's pay like 80 pence a gallon.....i pay 80 pence a litre.....that's like $4 a gallon if you lived here!.....Peace out....Sid
  6. yeah we don't realize that we are using up a precious comodity and when it is gone it is gone, we waste alot. a couple years back we were paying 80 cents a gallon, i guess someone found an oil reserve in texas or something so the prices went through the floor.
  7. i really don't see any advantages in having a big engined car....i noticed a lot of American cars are like 4.0l and 6.0l......i get good mileage per gallon and my car has a top speed of 125 and it's only 1.3......why the big engines?....Peace out.....Sid
  8. compensation, i don't know. i never really saw the point either.
  9. in the famous words of tim the tool man taylor "more power"

    lol. slap a nice big 454 big into a 72 Chevelle SS, and you got the makings for one bad ass car.
  10. I have a 73 chevy nova w/ 350
    about 12-15 mpg
    $1.75 per gallon I have to run premium
    It sucks when u have to run around a lot
  11. but why power?....are you planning on towing cars somewhere? small car is also very nippy due to the fact that it is so light.......Peace out....Sid
  12. I have had the car for about 15 years now I just can not get rid of it. Once you drive it & feel the power it is unlike the smaller zippier cars.
    To me it is the diference between a crotch rocket Or a harley
  13. I have had the car for about 15 years now I just can not get rid of it. Once you drive it & feel the power it is unlike the smaller zippier cars.
    To me it is the diference between a crotch rocket Or a harley
  14. ok i used to own a larger car it got annoying how slow they were in comparrison with a smaller engined feels good to have all the power but what speed do these cars do?....think of all the fuel that is wasted....more power does not technically mean more speed.......i can hit 0-30 in like 2 seconds.....i love big muscle american dream car wopuld be a bullet mustang.....steve mcqeen style.....but i use on average approx 3-5 gallon per week!.....Peace out....Sid
  15. OK here it goes..

    2000 Ford F-550
    7.3 powerstroke diesel
    14-18 miles to the gal.
    1.69 per gal.

    2002 Ford Explorer suv
    4.0 V-6
    22-25 mpg
    1.45 per gal.

    1990 Nissan PU
    2.4 4cyl
    35-38 mpg
    1.45 per gal.
  16. 87 celica gt
    28 mpg
  17. 1. a pair of shoes. size 10 (UK)
    3. UK, too expensive to even think about owning a car.

    havin said that i'm thinkin of gettin a bicycle or if i get rich one day a solar/battery/biofuel car and any of those options would get me waaaay more mpg than any of the previously mentioned stats and cost less. But then our governments don't want that. the oil companies give em too much money.

  18. ditto.

    oh, and digit, is Biofuel car Hydrogen?
  19. I must admit it.. I have no car!!!!!!!!

    /me cryz

    eh well soon nuff ...
  20. nah man not hydrogen, ... but then that would be pretty environmentally friendly too...

    biofuels... as in i wanna run my car on cannabis. If still have their massive cannabis FAQ it should be covered a lil bit in there. checkit out.

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