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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Shit man thats ill, that beats a CD player any day of the week especially since it was free.
  2. hell yea, that and that you dont have to look for CD's when you wanna play a song you want. me and my homie always carry his and some PC speakers if we are going to our spot to smoke. by the way KSR, check your PM
  3. I gotchu homie, I jus replied.

    Hell yeah im glad my homie gave me this. He got one of those newer ones, The apple ipod 2gb ones. I dunno how he gets em, But i doubt he pays for em.

    But i went to his crib yesterday and he handed me this and a brew and some tylenol 3's. I was in heaven haha.
  4. tylenols lol, i wish i could trust myself with pills, cause every time i take some, i get worried and think about throwing em back up. guess if it aint green and it dont smoke, i cant trust it.
  5. lol @ this thread...

    its 2006. welcome to the 21st century ;)

  6. No
  7. hell yea man MP3 players come in handy when ur high and have nothing to do i have a 30 gig ipod and it does me wonders:)
  8. Nice, is it a lot of work to transfer the MP3's to WMA's?
  9. Not everyone has access to the things you do.
  10. I still use a CD player o_O

    Although, I would be using an mp3 player if my old slut bag ex girlfriend didn't lose my mp3 player -_-
  11. i love how 3 potheads had to reply to my smartass comment...

    dont take sarcasm too seriously kids :D
  12. I have no idea.

    My files are already WMA's so i jus transfer them from the shared folder to the folder for my mp3 player.

    Tylenol 3's bro, They have codiene.
  13. sorry, we've just had an influx of jerks lately so it's hard to read through to the sarcasm sometimes!!!
  14. ANyone know how to get MP3's to WMA's?
  15. Wtf? Why? :p

    Use WinAmp.
  16. Like when i download shit, I use Limewire.

    And in my shared folder they're automatically WMA's.

    Try using limewire to download shit and see if it works for you.

    Otherwise i dont know.

    Lemme look it up and see if i can help ya.
  17. Here i found something that says it will do it.
  18. Sweeet, thanks KSR!

    Aren't WMA's smaller? lol
  19. cool man, hope you like it

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