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  1. Sooo, it was on the news. They're sendin out subpoenas.

    "The Recording Industry Association, which represents some of the largest music labels, previously indicated its lawyers would target Internet users who offer substantial collections of MP3 song files but the association declined to say how many songs might qualify for a lawsuit."
    That makes me feel a little bit better, as I don't have too much, and I never made files available from me.

    Then later in that article..
    "DePaul University in Chicago was among the few colleges that received such subpoenas. The Recording Industry Association asked DePaul on July 2 to track down a user known as "anon39023" who allegedly was offering at least eight songs."
    Oh my god only 8?
    Here is the address for that:

    Here's another lil article:

    Just one of those charges is enough to ruin someone's life. Sucks don't it.
  2. of all the stupid things riaa could do, they do this, target small time music-fans. the very customers that keep them alive. sooner or later they gotta get it into their thick skulls that p2p (and piracy) is here to stay. what they should use their warchest for is not hunting down the pirates, but making available legal downloads. say if each tune cost from 50c to a buck, then many if not most of todays casual pirates would buy their stuff in stead. just look at what apple did with itunes. it's a roaring success.

    riaa claims, lying through their teeth, that this net p2p thing is hurting their business. well, it's not. if riaa wants someone to blame for declining sales, they oughta blame themselves.

    on the big labels, why is it only teen-pop that gets the biggest backing? where have the genuine music gone to. would a band like pink floyd ever get a major record deal if they started up today? hell no. this is even reflected in p2p networks. most downloads are from the backcatalogue and artists that suffer from lack of distribution from major labels. such as elektronica, (real, not pop-)rap, metal and older hard to get stuff that is out of circulation through ordinary channels.

    the major decline in recordsales are for the agegroup 25-35. people who have gone beyond the slick pop-shit that are churned out in ever increasing numbers in the vain hope of fostering another "spice girls" or "take that" runaway teen success. real music are far and few in line. not surprisingly, most downloaders are in the 15 to 25 age segment. people experimenting with musical tastes, not wishing to shell out 15$ on crap. they still buy records, but only if it got quality. major labels don't support quality, only cash. so the minor labels win. today they sell more records than ever. thanks to p2p. so riaa and major labes: fuck off or get a grip!
  3. yup they might as well stop playing songs on the radio too, because somebody could.....RECORD THEM! oh my god the agony
  4. thats pretty retarded.......I use limewire tho
  5. just read that pacific bell have sued riaa... PB doesn't want to disclose their users names when asked by riaa. PB claim that it is a violation of the constitution to give that kind of info to riaa. haha. good, hope they win the lawsuit.

  6. That's hit the nail right on the head! The massive advantage of file sharing is exposure for musicians who wouldn't get any otherwise. I know that I wouldn't own well over half of my CDs if I hadn't heard the bands through filesharing first, escpecially all the really obscure stuff.
  7. I forgot to add, I'm currently sharing 2462 files, all of which are mp3s. Though well over 2000 of those are from my own CDs, all of which I rip to my computer. This guy has been busted for having 8? I'll be put away for life!
  8. lol

    1-100 files : fines or upto 5 years
    101-1000 files : 5 to 20
    1001-5000 files : 20 to life
    5001 + : death

    now something like that would make riaa wet their pants in joy. dickheads.
  9. The day before i heard that the riaa was gonna sue people for sharing songs, i bought 5 cds with almost all my money! Now im so pissed im never gonna buy a single cd again. When i want a cd im just gonna go online and find out what songs are on it and burn a cd thats the same or burn it a copy off my friends.
  10. lol this was on the news here. so i downloaded like a hundred songs put them in a different folder than kazaa and deleted that "illegal" program. so im good ill just mass burn cd's from people now.
  11. ey, ragnar, you wouldn't happen to be a pyro-techie, seeing all the neat references to things that go boom with flames. i've fired of a few thousand dollars worth of flame-pyro's myself during liveshows. fun fun fun :D

    i don't have a pyro license though, but as long as i'm carefull...
  12. lol! That's a quote from a conversation I had with my best friend about musclecars! I do love to play with fireworks though.
  13. i know this has been kinda said already here, but i just wanted to throw in my 2 pence.

    Any real musician wouldnt want to stop people from downloading their music. its good exposure. people still buy music. just because we buy less doesnt mean that mp3s are causing people simply to download what they would have once bought. people now can afford to have far more music, and go out and search for new music they other wise would have never heard.

    As a musician of sorts myself i fully intend to release all my own work as mp3, but only once i'm satisfied its complete and only once its available as CDs with some groovy artwork too for those people who appreciate owning complete albums, rather than collections of random songs.
  14. Kazaa has probably saved me thousands of pounds. Especially on photoshop - £500 for software!!???wtf greedy bastards. File sharing helps saves money, which means i have money to buy more weed. hmm so filesaharing funds drug dealers then, and buying drugs is meant to fund terrorism, so that means the 700,000,000 or so poeple sharing files could be considered as terrorists.
  15. i've been in the computer business since i was a little dude. and all through that time, i've been a small time pirate. taking it to my current programs that i use, i could not afford to buy them at all. lightwave, photoshop, fruityloops, cubase, flash MX, you name it. i use software worth at least 10.000$ on a daily (ok, weekly) basis. no way i could afford to buy it legally.

    i do however buy games i play a lot. but then again, games are almost sensibly priced in the 30 to 60$ range.

    go battlefied 1942. did you know that soon an extra expansion pack is released (after road to rome). i can't wait :)
  16. there's a reason why I no longer share my 2500 mp3's and why I always disabled sharing of movies as soon as I downloaded them when I was still sharing songs. It's a bitch to have to worry about shit like that. I just hope the FastTrack network doesn't die like Napster did when the RIAA when after it because I'm kinda liking KazaaLite right now.
  17. there are "underground" p2p networks you know, based on invitational basis alone and little things, souch as ip adress are scrambled using very powerfull 128bit encryption routines, and the riaa won't get into at all until, well...

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