Mox News channel suspended

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  1. mox news channel has been taken down.

    This man is doing a public service. Watching hours and hours of news every day and uploading the shit that is actually relevant. Not always but mostly.

    he has a few backup channels though.

    here Kanaal van MOXNEWSd0tC0M - YouTube

    ive been watching his videos since the bush administration

    (you might remember the youtube clips that said "if this were a dictatorship it would be alot easer, so long as im the dictator" at the end of his videos he had millions of views with that audio playing a the end, he truly played a role in bringing down george bushes public image. For this he is an internet hero.)

    ive watched most of the news clips hes uploaded, and he has not violated the Fair use policy. Its legally not copyright infringement, because hes not profiting off it and its for educational purposes, something along those lines.

    I wonder if the new interwebs legislation would shut down mox news for good.
  2. This is bullshit.

    I hope the channel is restored asap. Either way, they can't keep the owner of the channel silent for long.
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    That's too bad, Mox news had some great clips and they were all really informative. Could an argument be made that he was breaking policy rules by replaying copyrighted material? Either way its BS, but just just curious.

    edit: just saw the youtube link, still, lame. Poo is right, he won't be silenced for long.. long live the internet
  4. the reason his channels have been around for so long is because hes not breaking the fair use policy. But every few years or so youtube decides to shut down his channels.

  5. yea they're cracking down, i saw earlier that a naomi wolf video about peaceful assembly was taken down cuz it showed her on fox news, and some other guys video on the stock exchange or some shit, i don't remember. This is bullshit guys, come the fuck on.
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    This is terrible news :(

    I love his YT channel & he does post the good stuff. I've tried to watch the MSM in the past, before I disowned them, & could never get to the goods stuff. It's always coming up next....FUFUFU!! Morning shows are the worst. To have to sit through their hypnotic bullshit was just to much. Fox news is legally an Entertainment channel first & a News Source second, a very distant & distorted second. This was decided in a court of law. Fox had 2 disgruntled workers who tried to sue them. Fox wanted them to print a bullshit story & they refused, so Fox fired them. Fox's defense was that they are am entertainment channel & with that the judge ruled in their favor.

    Mox news the best. This man did what I simply cannot & will not do. I refuse to watch! Mox news I fuckin need you :laughing:

    Good news is this is the internet so he can go anywhere & we will follow. I wondered if this day would ever come & sadly it has. Fuck you YouTube & all you other fuckers involved.
  7. I think huge crowds of people need to occupy Fox News headquarters and forget about wall street.

    We need to find out who all lobbied for this draconian legislation and boycott them. Especially media channels, media corporations and entertainers.

    The propagandist are losing the info war and that's what this is all about.

  8. exactly
  9. he should come to

    its not spam,just look at my account,Im not a bot lol.....but anyways I was trying to say they're better than youtube.Better HD,videos can be really long,ect
  10. he is taking donations at CSPANJunkie

    please notice the flower in the soft glass bong on his worktable :bongin:
  11. Pissed I am.
  12. wtf nooo im always on moxnews, especially during the debates

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