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  1. I had to move my setup from its last location.
    I took them during their light schuedule at the 2nd hour in.

    So they missed about 6 hours total of light.
    When i finally got them setup at their new location i went back and the light was on so it was over night for about 8 hours

    But their regular time is suppost to start in 2 hour from now and it will take me about 30 mins to get there so my question is do i start them again at their regular time or 12 hrs from the light was last on?
  2. I dont follow...
  3. Don't hassle it, hon! I live in a rural area where winter black-outs are common! My plants do just fine, in spite of the occasional light interruption.

    Just turn the lights on when you want them on and forget about it! Your plants will adjust.

    (And for those who are freaking about it causing hermies... Now, maybe the Ganja Goddess just loves me, but hermies are rarely a problem for me! I have had all of 2 in the last 8 or so years of constant growing and heaven only knows how many outages- some lasting a few days!)


  4. had to move my room, lost lights scheudule from 12/12 im concerned about messing them up seeing they lost or gained light hours

    i wanna get her back to what it was prior to move

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