Moving up to Washington. Wheres the fun?

Discussion in 'General' started by LeroyDankins, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. So tomorrow I'll be heading up to Washington,
    so me and my uncle can save up and get a place.
    Its something I've been planning for awhile now but I just had some of
    the best times with my friends in Oregon
    and I only just started to realize
    how much its going to suck without them.
    I haven't had to live in a new environment in years
    so its gonna be quite the change for me.

    Anyway I'm not real familiar with Washington,
    so anyone from there wanna point me in the
    direction of some of the fun stuff to do there
    (Good venues nearby, skate parks, etc?) I'll be in the Tacoma area to be specific.
  2. they just built a brand new skate park in west seattle, its always poppin off, tons of people skating around its so nice. Tacoma and Seattle are decent sized cities so theres lots of live music and concerts going on all the time. Its pretty hipster/college student motivated so theres quite a bit of cheap entertainment going on. That tall ass black building in Seattle, it only costs 5 bucks to go to the observation deck where as its 18 to go to the space needle..
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    I'll have to go to Seattle a lot it seems.:smoke:
    Since they have medical I assume they're very lenient
    towards Weed right?

    Also my friends keep telling me Tacoma is basically the crack head capital,
    whats your opinion on that?
  4. theyre just two different cities..theres tons of hard drugs in seattle, and very available. I dunno when i was using the hard stuff i only went down to Tac once to pick up i always could cop up here. so i wouldnt say its the capital of anything.

    but yeah, weed laws are really lenient. They passed a law back in 03-04 saying that possession for personal amounts is the lowest priority even under jaywalking. so its basically just a little ticket if you are dumb enough to be SO blatant about it that you actually get caught. most the time they dont even mess with you at all.

    its chill dude, sea has some super sick views when its not covered in fog and rain.

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