Moving to the US? What to expect? Tips?

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  1. congrats, now you can buy guns and bongs 

  2. Well they are getting stuff done... but not the right stuff haha. What we have is a governor who wants NC to return to a deregulated industrial state that is concerned about collective capital gain and not individual economic prosperity. All that bastard does is cut money from social infrastructures that are beneficial to the people such as education and medical care and invests it into corporate interests. The state congress is now republican dominant so whatever he wants gets passed or denied.
    The medical marijuana bill made it to congress and it was denied because of 'overwhelming public opinion' and the matter was deemed too volatile for congressional judgement. By overwhelming support they meant an influx of emails and letters supporting the bill and demonstration rallies in Raleigh; but I guess the peoples interests aren't the states interests.
    Sorry about the rant, this place has been pissing me off lately lol.  
  3. Watch out for the government, Police Officers and politicians.

    Oh and idiots

    And especially white folk. They are crazy.
  4. Feel free to rant all you need! Sounds terrible man, wish there was a solution..Hahaha, thanks for that one bro. Definetly be watching out for all those things... Cops especially ;)I just thought of something..Being only 20, how hard will it be to acquire alcohol over there? So weird to think I'm not of age in the US hahaAlso (more importantly) how would I get onto bud? I doubt a working visa allows me to apply for a doctors certificate hahaSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. Move to Texas. One of the faster growing states. We beleave in small, limited government here.
    Also mids go for around 160ish a qp here
    300-400 an oz of dank
    I would try and have some interviews lined up before you leave for the USA
    Get referral letters from everyone you work with

    Try Craigslist for jobs and housing
    Also google for appartments
    U could find a apartment locator, they find apartments for you at no cost to you

    If u have good credit. Buy a house instead. U can rent it out and have rental income

    Good luck
  7. Only the ones that cling to their guns and bibles are crazy
    Also u go to fucking jail for getting caught with weed
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  10. U sure do, like most places. Look at me. I did 18 months probation and 30 days for one weed case. And i did 120 days and 2 years probation for another
  11. america is awesome
    basically we have everything you guys have, 
    except more of it
    and better.
  12. If you're planning to move to L.A. then expect to pay around 2,000 per month.  You'll need roommates. 
  13. Dude for real a QP for $160!?!?
  14. It's not the best mids but its also not the worce nasty crap either
  15. Holy shit that's crazy! If I could get four ounces for $160 I'd shit! I still pay $25/qtr for regs.
  16. Well price also has to do with transporting and middle people involved. We are right on the border so not a lot of distance to cover
    i pay 320 to 350 for an ounce. lol.
  18. Shit what they call 'mids' i can get a pound for 320 if i call up the right folks. Used to let qp's go for $110 homie, htx'all daysent from underneath my balls
    I would not go to jail for having weed, under an ounce anyways. 
  20. ATX represent!

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