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  1. Well I moved to Oregon from Germany about 3 weeks ago, and so far I'm in love.:hello: I found two

    dealers my first day here, I've been getting dank for about 10$ a gram, I already have a decent

    paying job, and I found a nice pretty cheap house to rent. Classes at the community college are

    starting up soon so I'm thinking about signing up for some of those. Not to mention the people here

    are super friendly and Oregon is simply beautiful! You Oregonians fucking rock! :smoke:
  2. Im in the u.s. As well. Minnesota though. The weather kinda sucks here in the winter
  3. Welcome to freedom.
  4. o yeah, and my new favorite sport is frisby golf. I've never heard of it before here, but it's a blast after smoking a couple bowls.

  5. Yes sir!

  6. What do you like here thats better than whats in europe? Or just germany if thats all you know.
  7. im surprised you found a job so quickly. good luck man.

    ive smoked oregon bud and its pretty dank, but thats how it is on the west coast. a weed culture.
    id assume the weed is better here then in germany, but i cant speak from experience.
  8. Well I miss being able to drink legally and go to diskos and stuff, but the weed is cheaper here, the people and alot friendlier, and the city is really pretty. There's so much more to do outside here. And I feel like people are way more 420 friendly. And things are just much more chill.

    I still love Germany though.
  9. Yeah I'm stoked on the job. I had to take a drug test but I passed. Still sketchy though.

    In gerneral the weed is better here in Oregon, although I lived right up near the border of The Netherlands so every once in a while I got some really good shit. I've yet to find bud that compares to it.
  10. Funny coincidence. I just went to the Holocaust museum just a few days ago!
  11. haha. I've never been to one myself. I bet it was... intense.

  12. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    actually the good ol' U-S-of-A is the most controlled society in the world.
  13. Lol bro you should've moved to Canada.
    Not the smartest idea to be moving to the US right now, the country is heading down the shitter pretty fast. And it would be cheaper to live in Canada ontop of that (way more 420 friendly.)
  14. Haha nice to hear. Where are you at in Oregon?

    I don't really get why you'd want to move to the US (like dawnofwar said), but Oregon was def. a good choice. It's beautiful here and there are some pretty awesome people. That whole atmosphere is probably one of the best in the US.
  15. yeah I'm thinking of heading up to Vancouver in a couple years to continue on the college path. Should be fun!
  16. Bend. It's so damn chill here. :smoke:
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    Y nobody want move to clackamas/multnomah counties?!?! lol

    Really though, it seems like everyone on this site is either from the east or south. I feel so alone!
  18. Last time I rolled through Bend I got some nice chronic.

    Welcome to the Northwest man.
  19. Why now!? Go back to Germany while you still can! Quickly! Go!! Run!!!!

    Germany's ending their nuclear power program, taking a hard stance on GMOs, doesn't put fluoride in their water, I don't know about their economy but I know they're a top exporter unlike us, who doesn't export shit and imports everything, our economy is going down the shitter... why here!? Why now!?

    I mean... welcome to the US... land of the free... home... of the brave..... :wave:

    edit: I'm sure the grass is always greener on the other side though
  20. How are the women in Germany compared to the US?

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