Moving to the cold out doors tomarrow :(

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  1. So all my plants have to go outside tomarrow and its April and dropping into the thirty's at night. My outdoor grow will have to be a guerrila grow but I feel like these lil girls arnt gonna make it out there :( please help me I have no more seeds :(

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  2. It's all going to depend on your temps. If they don't get frozen or killed by frost, they'll probably make it. But they're much too underdeveloped to put them outside at this point. They've obviously been stretching....thus, the long lanky stem on them, so when you plant them outside, make sure you put them deep enough to compensate for that. These are weeds and they'll do their best to grow even in the most awful conditions. But if your temps are going below freezing, I don't expect they'll last very long. You have to temper them to sunlight when they're that young...which is exposing them to it in increments. We usually do this for 2 or 3 days and then leave them out full time after that. I've just started leaving a couple I've got outside full time, but they are about 3' tall and good and healthy and our night time temps are in the 50s right now. If we get a cold snap in the next couple of weeks or so, I can always put them back on my sun porch. Your plants haven't even had enough time to develop a solid root system yet. They really should be left alone for another week or so and then repotted into a 1 gallon container and allowed to veg there for a week or two before they go outside. They're your plants man. Cold will kill them. If it's too cold and you don't want them to die, it's real simple. Better figure out something else to do other than put them outside. TWW
  3. Hey thanks white widow well my grow op was discover n I have to get rid of it but I'm gonna to get to keep uhm in the house on window seels as long as possible. They won't have any more artificial light. You think there gonna grow big enough in a week to put them Outside? And what if I put them outside but under like a little green house just like some plastic built over them to help then stay warm at night? Idk I'm in a tough spot

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  4. 30's is probably too cold for marijuana, but it if you build a cold box or greenhouse to keep the wind and frost off them they might live.
  5. Google could probably do better, but its like a miniature greenhouse with a lid used to grow lettuce and shit early.
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  6. Dude I am deffintly making a cold box Ita the perfect thing for my situation. I think my seedlings would thrive somewhere out in the woods in the same pots there in. I just need oppionions on where to put the cold box should there be alot of sun right away so they stey warm or a shady place since they only been sitting on a window seel for a day? An also this cold box I plan on building is gonna to be VERRY VERRY SMALL JUST A 6 PLANT VEG OPP UNTIL THERE READY TO BE PUT IN THE DIRT IN FULL SUN.. What do you guys think?

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