Moving to San Francisco... Any suggestions.

Discussion in 'General' started by Alcerious, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. I am moving to SF in 11 weeks from Austin, TX. I am looking for a place that is furnished around the Downtown area. Ill be working at market and 3rd so some where close to there would be great. So far the best I've found is the Geary Courtyards.

    Oh and my price range is from 1000-2000 a month.

    Any suggestions would be great!
  2. aint that place the gay capitol of the world,,,???

    walk backwards< best advice i can think of,,,,,
  3. No, chicken, that would be Miami, Fla., home of the Pink Flamingo...:D

    My advice is to get roommates for what you have to spend, because 'Frisco ain't cheap. If you can get a furnished place for under 2g a month, that's amazing.

    Great city, you'll have a great time, best cannabis clubs, best music, comedy and museums, great food, cool ass parks and streets to walk, the most diverse, and entertaining city in America, at least on the West coast. (sorry Seattle)

    Welcome to Cali.
  4. I don't know too much about SF except that my uncle lives there and I have some friends who live there. Try searching around Prospect Ave. if there are any openings.
  5. Hey man where downtown would u live?? Cuz there are some grimey ass places that are hella cheap n furnished...but then there are nice places too but in a grimey area. but with ur price range you could get an in-law out by the beach...
  6. Alright I went there on vacation a few years ago, by far one of my favorite cities in the entire world man, its absolutely amazing. As for apartment spaces, good luck man, one of the most expensive places to live in the US, but as long as youre in the city, you HAVE to find the hot chocolate place called "Bittersweet". I know, it sounds stupid, but get super stoned, and go there... theres a good chance you will bust a nut. Hahha no but seriously, by far, the best hot chocolate ever created on earth. 2123 Fillmore St, San Francisco, (415) 346-8715. I'm telling you man, its almost as if they melt down a chocolate bar, except at the perfect drinkable temperature. Alright I'm done raving about the hot chocolate, but seriously... go there. Hahha have fun in San Fran though man, such an amazing place, you'll love it. :smoke:
  7. watch your ass (take this how ever you wanna) :p
  8. Umm this place seems really nice, its on Geary and Jones, fully furnished they are more so corporate apartments but they'll work for me :p And what are these "in-laws" I've seen the term for a bunch of places over there, is that the same as a duplex or what?

    Thanks a lot man! I am a chef so that information is just what I like to hear. The first day I move down I am going to go get me some hot coco, and make some weed cookies to dip in it :p
  9. if your going to san fransisco.. make sure you put some flowers in your hair
  10. Don't go there

    I left my heart in San Francisco
  11. Pshh...mann in san francisco you dont need a house you can go live on hippie hill.
  12. Shiiiit I enjoy my tv, and computer to much haha.
  13. I PMed you man. Hit me back when u got a minute.
  14. Thanks for the info +Rep to all who helped :eek:
  15. actually its provincetown, ma.

    fun place.
  16. word, alot of gays, but none the less a cool town, was recently there

  17. and is that a problem dood?

    that's my city u talking 'bout :hello:
  18. i advise for you to go to House of Nan King.
    its on like the chinatown / downtown border
    hands down best chinese food ive ever had

  19. no dude,,, i dont forsee myself,,,, anywhere near san fran sisco,,,,,,in my entire life,,,,,

    but if-n i did,,,,,,, i'd walk backwards,,,,,, j/k/:D

  20. oh for sure

    but visit at least once.

    only the castro is gay.

    it's VERY gay

    like "makes u want to laugh because they're so gay" kind of gay

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