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    So yeah, I've always lived in Rhode Island my whole life. Sadly. But me and my friend Rob have been good friends for a while i share a appartment with him now. We work at a local Skate/Snowboarding shop that his Grandfather owns. He wants to expand the company and he has the money so where opening one down in Park City. Were gonna rent a condo. I mean this is the life I always wanted to live always looked up to those goes and I finaly did it :). But were both sponsored but it's nothing big at all, just free hoodies shirts and shit. But man I can't wait till it goes down :rolleyes:.
  2. dude im so fucking jealous of you
    your living my dream life.
    park city is SICK sos brighton and like all that shit around there

    hopefully ill see you down there in ayear
    you ski or snowboard?
  3. What do you think :rolleyes:


    Oneloverasta loving the name man, I rock the rasta outfit from Special Blend :hello:

    We gotta go tear shit up sometime though.
  4. word snowboarding is the shit
    i got an 08 ride dh that shit is soo nice
    burton cartels
    double xl purple jacket with some white pants, yellow tall tee looks sickk
    but yeah hopefully ill be in college down there nd im gonna HIT YOU UP
  5. Park citys a nice place man, about a half hour from where I live.

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