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Discussion in 'General' started by VolcomSton3d, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Im packing up and moving on with my life, and new york seems like the perfect place to start... except that i don't know anyone there. I have my heart set on living there, so don't tell me to rethink anything. I'm transferring within my job and make more than enough to support my half of rent. I just need the roommate to go with the room. I dont live there so i cant go through the ads, anyone have ideas? Also If anyone is renting an apartment in the 10011 area please contact me through PM.
  2. You're going to love the area, it's just north of the West Village, one of the chillest spots in the city. Sorry I can't help out with the rent situation, I don't have nearly enough money to live in Manhattan right now :(
  3. I just moved to NYC myself a few weeks ago, you're going to love it
    I work on the upper west side but live in long island so I'm going through the apartment hunt thing too
  4. its very expensive but you will love it there.
  5. yeah i live in jersey but i go to the city probably one or two weekends a month, its a sick time out there buddy of mine has an apt in manhattan, its crazy gettin baked and just walkin around times square and shit at like 2 am haha fun stuff
  6. werd

    The Village is a cool place, be sure to hit up the restaurants and clubs in the area, you'll also be around the best glass shops in the city-- PM me or something..

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