Moving to New place but plants just started flower.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Sade, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Like the title says. I am moving September 1st to a new place that is much nicer than my current spot. I out plants into flower two weeks ago. When should I move the plants? I am assuming when lights are typically on. Which works out great because they are on at night due to my graveyard shift. I will be paying the electric bill and legal area however not all landlords are cool with growing. Most aren't.
  2. I’ve put a big ass trash bag on them and I’ve rented a moving truck lol
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  3. same. tossed trash bags over them and in the back of the pick up lol
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  4. Anytime will be fine. It takes more then one out of cycle dark to mess up a plant even in veg. In flower they are far less sensitive so no worries.
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  5. Thanks guys. Figured moving them for 15 min wouldn't be a problem. Very excited for the new place. Honestly think I was getting ripped off at my current place. I live in a two bedroom and pay $1000. The one bedroom I am moving to seems almost as large, with laundry downstairs, windows around whole apartment beautiful, fenced in area and my own garage and storage area all for $200 less.
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  6. Same here my outdoor one in a pot wont be done by time I move lol I'm throwing it in the u haul and driving 3 hrs down the highway lmao.
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  7. I've moved plants quite a few times in my day some because I had to back in the day had no choice either move it or lose it.
    I even dug them up out of the ground and them in pots and moved them and been pretty successful a few times.
    So one of the best covers to use though is the black mesh that we put on the ground to block the weeds out... So it's still breathable where a trash bag is can suffocate your plant if it has to be in there for a long time. only reason I responded to this is because of the Canadian guy there is moving 3 hours careful if you put it a trash bag and moving that far in a hot trailer or whatever...but if you use the ground covering fabric that you can get at any Garden Center... it's pretty cheap. So use that with a some twine string or whatever and wrap it around it... the plant can still breathe nobody can see and it works really well..
    Just my two cents guys take care happy growing
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  8. Thanks bud but I'm not going to cover it just putting it in the uhaul. I'll see what happens it if dies she dies lol I still will have around half a pound of stuff from my other 2 indoor plants. Lol so a half pound n a plant in a uhaul lol I can see myself on cops bad boys bad boys what u gonna do when they come for you.
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