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Moving to new city

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by texsmkr, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Any suggestions for a person who frequently moves to new cities on meeting like minded people and hooking up with people who could help meout with supply.
  2. Your best bet if you don't know anyone there is probably local colleges and universities in the area.. I've moved twice to new cities and both times thats how I found my dealer or budman. You just gotta scope out the area and find the people who look most like someone who smokes and just discretely ask, pretty easy and then you'll be tokin' with a new stash.:smoke:
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    but just like Dr Cheeba said, colleges, universities, concerts, malls, bars, clubs, places with alot of young people (16-24) is an easy way to find people who smoke bud and have common interests as u.

    The best thing to do is -Know your neighborhood-. if you know your neighborhood, you'll naturally find spots where smokers go to smoke or chill.

    It's as simple as identifying someone who smokes and then asking them if they know where to get bud. then from there they'll probably want to match a blunt and you'll have a new smoker buddy :D

  4. Okay, this doesn't seem to work for me.
    When I've asked, they just point me in the direction of the neighborhood or corner where all the dealers hang out. :(

    Got any tips on finding someone, maybe in my new building or something? You know, So I know it's delivery and safe.

  5. This ^^

    Just dont, don't lurk headshops asking people for a hookup.
  6. cmon man. honestly you are LOOKING for dealers.s o why not go to the "hood" where they are. you can easily identify them. i dont really know where u live otherwise i could try to help you out a bit more but..

    honestly just try to get familiarized with your setting first. after that done, u will naturally notice things. alot of skaters, rockers, average and "ghetto"looking people smoke weed.
    you'll find your weed man. dont you worry. honestly, the best of best is social events such as concerts, festivals, etc. ull find some dank and some good connects :)
  7. Good tips guys. Thank you.
  8. Out of curiosity where are you moving. And I think the kind of people your looking for hangout in the city parks:smoke:
  9. I had the same problem when I went to a new city for a month. I walked alla round downtown looking for people that looked liek they smoked and all i found was one guy by the subway that had crack. Then I took the subway to a place that I had heard was a really "hipster" part of town, and sure enough I found my hookup. You just have to know the kind of people you're looking for and you can't be super sketchy about it. Good luck!
  10. why not just grow your own?

  11. Cuz he moves a lot, lol.
  12. alright lets not make things up- were trying to help him out.
  13. He mentions that he moves a lot in the OP

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